Property Owner                                    (Click links)  Property Locations                 Early 1850s Block/Section                                                  (* indicates names added by Nicholas G. Morgan on his reconstructed plat map after careful checking of the old county records) Property Locations                      1870s   Block/Section Arrived  in Utah Company          (came with) Battalion (B); Battalion Sick Detachment (BSD); Female (F); Handcart (HC); Slave Owner (SO); Polygamist (P&#); Polygamous wife (PW); Non-Mormon (NM); Disaffected Mormon (DM); Excommunicated Mormon (EM); Ship Brooklyn (SB); Mississippi Saints (MS); Utah Convert (UC) Lived in   Nauvoo       (N) Birth    Origin Occupation Biographical Notes
Abbott, Thomas Marsh 61/8                 1847 Spencer/Sessions    N Mass. Farmer In Utah War, took cattle to Huntsville, witness in the Morrisite affair in South Weber.
Alexander, Robert 80/3*                 1852 James McGaw    N Ireland Painter Clerk of court, Green River County, Utah
Alger, John 62/4                 1848 Brigham Young  P5 N Ohio Wheelright, joiner, planer Offered to trade 16-year-old girl to Indians, moved five times after 1848, increasingly further south.
Allen, Elihu Marcellus 43/2*                 1847 Grant/Noble      New York Farmer Wife died 4 months after arriving, he died 2 ˝ years later. Most of the surviving children left the Church.
Allen, Joseph Moroni         49/1  51/1 69/1     ?? N/A     Missouri Merchant, stoves & tinware Conflicting data. Birth: Missouri, Tennessee, or England. Buried in SLC cemetery, 1880, body removed to Mt. Olivet.
Alley, George 53/2                 1848 Brigham Young    N Mass. Shoemaker Built a log home in Bountiful, 1848, moved back in 1849.
Alley, Stephen Webb         53/2         1848 Brigham Young    N Mass. Farmer, musician, cooper Musician in SL Theater, watermaster
Allred, Paulinus Harvey 66/2                 1848 Brigham Young    N Tennessee Cord maker Colonel in the Nauvoo Legion, assisted in bring Saints to Utah.
Almond, John Burrell 60/6       60/6         1851  Unknown (1851) P2   England Real estate Came in 1851. Polygamous status challenged for 1890 election.
Anderson, Anders         37/3         ?? ?? NM??   ?? Glove maker?? Can't verify. Possibly the glove maker and furrier listed in the 1869 and 1874 Salt Lake City Directories.
Anderson, James         47/8         1855 Milo Andrus      Scotland Writer, Deseret News Worked for the Deseret News
Anderson, Washington Franklin         55/3         1857 Hezekiah Thatcher      Virginia Doctor Perhaps best doctor in Utah; community involvement, convert in gold fields of California.
Andrew, Frederick Chadwick         51/1         1854  Unknown (1854) P3   England Blacksmith Can’t find or verify.
Andrew, John Whittaker         41/2         1854  Unknown (1854)     England Blacksmith No record of John crossing the plains.
Andrew, L. C.         65/7         ?? ??     ?? ?? Not enough data to make a positive identification.
Angell, Solomon 54/8                 1848 Brigham Young  P2 N New York Skilled laborer Could do any construction job. Member of Zion’s Camp, 1834; older brother of Truman.
Angell, Truman Osborn 74/4                 1847/1848 Brigham Young Pioneer  P3 N Rhode Island Architect Worked on temples and other public buildings.
Appleby, William Ivins 68/7       68/7 (Est.)         1849 Smith/Jones  P3 N New Jersey Calligraphy, clerk, editor Helped Jesse Little in Eastern States mission and Brooklyn Saints; judge in Green River, Sec. of State, Terr. treasurer.
Armstrong, J.E. 61/3                 ?? ?? NM??   ?? ?? Can’t verify. Could be an error in transcription and really be the older Thomas C. Armstrong. John C. Armstrong is another possibility.
Armstrong, Thomas Columbus         65/2         1856 Edmund Ellsworth  HC   England Bookkeeper Member of Ellsworth Handcart company.
Arnold, Orson Pratt         72/1         1848 Brigham Young  P2 N New York Driver, businessman Wounded in Utah war, drove for Brigham Young, brother-in-law to Ephraim Hanks, Sup. of street railway.
Ashby, Susan Hammond 73/7       73/7         1848 Brigham Young  PW N Maine Housewife Her 2nd husband was Joseph B. Noble. Co-owned the Erastus Snow-Nathaniel Ashby duplex in Nauvoo.
Asmussen, Carl Christian         76/1         1865 William S. S. Willes  P3   Denmark Jeweler, investor In New Zealand when he heard of Mormonism; store and residence on Main Street, property owner in Logan.
Atwood, Millen 71/2       71/2         1847/48/56 Brigham Young Pioneer  P3+ N Connecticut Stone mason, policeman Temples in Nauvoo, SLC, bishop in 13th ward, member of the Willey Handcart company.
Auerbach Brothers         69/1         1864 Independent NM   Germany Merchants Brought wagon-loads of goods from Calif. In 1857.
Austin, Julius Agustus C. 40/2                 1848 Ebenezer Brown  BSD   Connecticut Carpenter Sailed with the Brooklyn Saints in 1846, came to Utah in 1848 with Mormon Battalion veterans.
Bacon, Chancey 55/3                 1851  Unknown (1851)     New York Farmer Father of 16 children; came in 1852; died in Am. Fork.
Badger, Nancy Garr         79/8         1847 Grant/Snow  PW   Vermont Housewife Wife of Rodney. Later married Bryant Stringham.
Badger, Rodney 79/8                 1847 Brigham Young   N Vermont Sheriff, farmer Vanguard company member. Died trying to save a non-Mormon family from drowning in the Weber River.
Bailey, Elizabeth 61/6                 1848 Willard Richards  F N Spain Housewife Father in English military at Gibraltar.
Bailey, H.         101/5         ?? ?? NM??   ?? ?? Can’t verify. There is John Henry that came to Utah in 1852, or F.H. Bailey, who emigrated in 1853. No concrete evidence.
Baker, Jean Rio 103/3                 1851 John Brown  W   England Dressmaker Wrote great journal. Portrayed in ship emigration film. Describes her house in SLC.
Baker, Simon 43/1* 104/2     104/2 (Est.)         1847 Grant/Noble  P3 N New York Farmer First wife died leaving 8 young children. Great story on his second wife; made first molasses in Utah; cattle to Logan.
Baker, W. K.         65/6         ?? ?? NM??   ?? ?? Can’t verify
Baldwin, James 103/4       103/4         1850 Milo Andrus    N England Laborer Listed on 1869 & 1874 directories
Ballan, William         104/6         1856 William B. Hodgetts      England watchmaker First missionary to Jersey Islands. Sailed on Enoch Train.
Ballantyne, Ann 59/3                 1848 Brigham Young  W N Scotland Housewife She married an older man. Her son Richard was born when his father was 74. Family had tough times. 
Ballantyne, Richard 59/2                 1848 Brigham Young  P3 N Scotland Merchant, baker, farmer,  Began first Sunday school in SLC; mission to India, sailed around the world, worked on U.P. railroad.
Ballo, Dominico 78/3                 1851  Unknown (1851) NM   Italy Musician Non-Mormon; bandmaster at West Point; composer, soloist on the clarinet; created Provo band, much more…
Bank of Deseret         84/6         N/A N/A Building   N/A First Mormon Bank Hooper, Eldredge & Co. began as a real financial house, April 1868. 1871 it became the Bank of Deseret.
Bankhead, George Wash. 101/5                 1848 Heber C. Kimball  SO   Alabama Slave owner Came with Mississippi Saints. He & brother brought 11 slaves; lived in Draper; freed slaves relocated to Union Fort.
Bankhead, John Henderson 101/4                 1848 Heber C. Kimball  P2/SO   Tennessee Slave owner He and brother, George, brought 11 slaves. His were well treated. He moved to Cottonwood, then Cache valley.
Barney, Elvira Stephens         71/3         1848 Brigham Young  PW   New York Doctor, teacher Taught in Sandwich Islands and California. Wrote on seri-culture. Graduated from medical school at age 51.
Barney, Royal         39/3         1850 Edward Hunter  P4 N New York Carpenter Member of Zion’s Camp.
Barnum, Charles David         65/6         1847/1850 Brigham Young Pioneer  P3 N Canada Carpenter, mason, wagon maker Quarried rock for the Nauvoo temple, then built wagons for the exodus. Member of vanguard company.
Barrow, Joseph 51/4                 1848 Willard Richards    N England Farmer Officiated at numerous baptisms in England.
Barrows, Manly         57/6         No record ??   N Connecticut Carpenter Called to “Muddy Mission” in 1867.
Barton, George         62/3         No record ??   N England Clerk Very little information
Barton, William 43/3                 1851 Walton/Garden Grove  P2 N Illinois Miller, farmer Garden grove company. Settled Parowan; iron miner.
Bassett, Charles Henry         78/5         1852 James McGaw  P5 N New York Merchant, bookkeeper Had a business at Camp Floyd, later on Main Street. Handled large sums of money, clerked in Tithing Office.
Beach, Rufus 42/4                 1847 Spencer/Sessions  P5/DM N Connecticut Innkeeper Helped settle Nauvoo property. Charged with counterfeiting. Went to Calif. in 1850 and never returned.
Beatie Hampden Sidney 68/1                 1849 Ezra T. Benson  P3 N Virginia Coroner, manager Came in 1849, went to California in 1851, built the first house in Genoa; Major during Utah War. ZCMI manager.
Beers, John         73/8         1860 John Smith      Pennsylvania Tinner Came in 1860.
Bell, James         94/6         1857 Hezekiah Thatcher      Scotland Farmer If this is the right Bell, he came in 1857 as a single man.
Bell, William         Avenues         1854  Unknown (1857)     England Cabinet maker, wood carver Furniture partnership with Ralph Ramsay. Lived in Avenues. Moved to Heber City.
Benbow, John         67/8         1848 Brigham Young      England Farmer Owner of Gadfield Elm chapel. Early British convert. Provided needed financial help to the Church.
Benbow, Thomas 67/8                 1847 Smoot/Wallace    N England Farmer Spent winter of 1848-9 in fort. Moved to Cottonwood.
Bennett, Charles Washington         42/1         1872 Railroad NM   New York Lawyer, politician Non-Mormon. Republican, mason, anti-Mormon, helped organize the Chamber of Commerce, honest, respected.
Bennion, John 42/8*                 1847 Hunter/Horne  P3   Wales Stockman, farmer Raised sheep and cattle, Captain in Utah War, called to “Muddy Mission.” Died mounting a horse.
Benson, Ezra Taft 75/5                 1847 & 1849 Brigham Young Pioneer  P6 N Massachusetts Postmaster, contractor Apostle, mill owner, cattleman, member of vanguard company, grading contract for the Cen. Pacific Railroad.
Bernhisel, John Milton 94/4       56/2 94/4       1848 Heber C. Kimball  P2 N Pennsylvania Doctor, politician Medical doctor at age 21. Shy and retiring, Utah’s first Territorial Representative to Congress.
Bess, Laura Richardson 79/4       79/4         1848 Heber C. Kimball  W   New York Single mom Husband died early. Stories of great faith.
Best, Alfred 73/2       51/4 69/7       1851  Unknown (1851) P3   England Merchant, farmer Owned 50-acre farm in Murray. Fined $378.55 for u.c. when average wages were about $3 per day.
Bigler, Henry William 85/2                 1848 Holmes/Thompson  B N Virginia Hunter, teacher Mormon Battalion, wrote of gold discovery at Sutter’s mill in Calif. Returned on a gold mission.
Bigler, Melissa Jane 85/6                 1847 Spencer/Sessions  PW N W. Virginia Housewife Husband was an excellent blacksmith. Her sister, Bathsheba, became the 4th General Relief Society Pres.
Binder, William Lawrence Spicer         62/6         1856 Edward Martin  P2/HC   England carpenter, baker, confectioner Remarkable handcart story, killing an abandoned ox, faithful worker, volunteer in many areas.
Bingham, Sanford 97/5                 1847 Spencer/Eldredge  P2 N Vermont Teacher, constable, farmer He and his wife spent their honeymoon crossing the plains on the same horse. Taught in Ogden. Bishop many years.
Bird, Edmund Fuller 61/1       61/1         1850 Wilford Woodruff    N England Cabinet maker He and brother, James, had a cabinet business in Boston before they joined the Church and came to Utah.
Bird, James 68/1                 1850  Unknown (1850) P2 N England Cabinet maker He was in business with Henry Dinwoody before the Utah War disrupted the business and ended the partnership.
Biswell, Charles 42/1                 ?? ?? NM??   ?? ?? Can’t verify.
Bitner, Breneman Barr         37/6         1849 Silas Richards  P2 N Pennsylvania Stockman, farmer Moved to Cottonwood. His daughter was on the Primary board. His grandson was Pres. Gordon Bitner Hinckley.
Blackhurst, David         41/6         1847 Hunter/Horne    N England Laborer, farmer Son of William. Excommunicated in 1874.
Blackhurst, William A. 41/6                 1847 Hunter/Horne  P2 N England Farmer? Immigrated to Hauvoo, returned to England, back to Nauvoo. Bishop at Winter Quarters.
Blacksmith Shop (Public Works) 93/1                 N/A   Public Works Building       Public Works Blacksmith shop for various Church building projects.
Blair, Seth Millington 56/3 70/5               1850 Williams/Blair Freight P5 N Missouri Lawyer, businessman First U.S. Attorney and Marshall for Utah Territory. Edited “The Mountaineer” a counter paper to the “Valley Tan.”
Blezard, John Hopwood 42/2                 1850 Wilford Woodruff  P5 N England Wheelright Bugler in Nauvoo Legion band. Las Vegas mission.
Blythe, John Law         56/5         1859  Unknown (1859) P3   Scotland Coal miner Calif. gold miner. Paid $1,000 in tithing at his baptism. Missionary. Accused of murder. Ferryboat at Lee’s Ferry.
Bockholt, Dirk         61/5         1864  Unknown (1864) P3   Holland Clerk Mission to Holland, clerk to Judge Smith, Died young.
Booth, Thomas         95/2,3         1861 Thomas Woolley      England Stock dealer After the death of his father in Nauvoo 1n 1846, Thomas shifted on his own, finally coming to Utah in 1861. Little information.
Bowring, Henry Ebenezer         61/4         1856 Daniel D. McArthur  P3/HC   England Saddle & harnes maker, actor Handcart veteran, 1856. Had his own business (tanning & leather products). He and wife were actors.
Box, Thomas         104/4         1857 Homer Duncan  P2   Tennessee Freighter, miner Came to Utah from Texas. Took Parley P. Pratt's widow as a second wife. Ended up in New Mexico. 
Boyce, William 40/8                 1847 Spencer/Eldredge  P2 N New York Farmer? Counselor to Bishop Rawlins in So. Cottonwood (Murray) for about 30 years.
Boyes (Boyce), George 68/4                 1847 Spencer/Eldredge  P2 N England Farmer Interesting second marriage. Moved to Cottonwood.
Boynton, Abraham Dodge 40/5                 1852 John Tidwell    N Massachusetts Merchant, farmer Signed Kirtland Camp Constitution in 1838. Owned the first stove in Bountiful.
Bringhurst Samuel 52/6                 1847 Hunter/Horne    N Pennsylvania Wheelright, wagon maker He established the first wagon and blacksmith shop in SLC. Forman of jury that convicted Geo. Reynolds of polygamy.
Brockbank, Isaac (and Jr.)         39/6,7         1852 Abraham O. Smoot  P2 N England Saddler Wife and mother abandoned family near Ft. Laramie over polygamy doctrine. Rag mission, bishopric, good stories.
Broderick, Thomas Bagshaw 60/3                 1856 John A. Hunt  P2 N England ?? Came single to Utah, returned to England on a mission and got married, died 1864. Son died in an avalanche in 1875.
Bronson, Leman 83/2*                 1847 Hunter/Foutz    N Connecticut Farmer The family lived in Ohio, then Michigan before joining with the Saints in Winter Quarters, where the wife died.
Brooks, Fanny and Julius         37/5         1864 Self NM   Germany Boarding house; millinery Jewish couple enticed west by Ulysses S. Grant; Brigham Young favorite, successful businesses; parents-in-law to Sam. Auerbach.
Brower, Ariah Coats 68/5                 1847 Hunter/Horne  P4 N New York Publisher, farmer, hotelier Once managed the Deseret News, co-published the SLC Directory, built a hotel in California, moved to Cache County.
Browett, Elizabeth Harris 62/7*                 1852 John B. Walker  PW N England Single mom Husband and two other Mormon Battalion veterans were killed by Indians at Tragedy Springs, CA.
Brown, James Stevens         85/7,8         1848 Holmes/Thompson  B N North Carolina Farmer Battalion, gold discovery, many missions (including Society Islands), Fort Supply developer, Indian interpreter, accidentally shot.
Brown, Joseph         79/5         1860 Jesse Murphy      New Jersey Fisherman A Joseph Brown was listed as a fisherman in the 1869. In the 1874 Salt Lake City Directory, he is listed as a farmer.
Brown, Robert 39/3                 ?? ?? NM?   ?? ?? Too many Robert Browns and too little corroborating evidence to know which is the right one, if any.
Brown, Thomas Dunlop 68/3       68/3 (Est.)         1852 Robert Wimmer  P2   Scotland Books, stationery Baptized John R. Winder, future presiding bishop and Pres. counselor, Paiute Indian interpreter, topographical engineer.
Brown, William 79/1       79/1         1847 Spencer/Eldredge  P4 N New York Farmer Built first house in the 15th Ward, only family to spend the winter of 1848-9 in 15th Ward. Moved to Bountiful, became bishop.
Brundage, William Lane 37/1                 1852 Harmon Cutler    N New York Farmer Part of the Limhi, Idaho, settlement effort. Later, settled in St. George.
Budd, Louisa Capelin         43/1         1859 George Rowley  F   England Housewife Mother of 15, Louisa, age 55, came with two of her children in 1859. Husband came the following year. Son became a miner.
Bull, Joseph         103/1         1851  Unknown (1851)   N England Printer, pressman, actor "Mormon Newspaper Man." Printed four newspapers, Juvenile Instructor, Hawaiian Book of Mormon,missionary and temple worker.
Bullen, Newel 47/5*                 1848 Ebenezer Brown  BS   Maine Tanner, farmer Ship Brooklyn passengers. Panned gold in California. Three of five sons died, then Newell died at age 49. 
Bulloch, Thomas 69/5                 1847/48 Brigham Young Pioneer  P3 N England Clerk, recorder, historian Official clerk of 1847 Vanguard company, Brigham Young's personal secretary, Church historian, court recorder, state representative.
Bunting, Mary Ann Steward 41/8       41/8         1853  Unknown (1853) PW   England Widow Mary came with her husband and surviving child to America, but only with child to Utah. No record of husband's death or divorce.
Burk, John Mathias 80/8*                 1848 Willard Richards    N Ohio Farmer An 1830 convert to the Church in Ohio. Involved in redress efforts in Missoui and Church settlement in Iowa.
Burns, Robert Armstrong 103/7                 1851 John Brown      Maryland   Two Robert Burns (no middle initial) are listed in the 1874 Salt Lake City Directory, one a tent maker, the other a bar tender.
Burt, Alexander         47/7         1856 James G. Willie  P2/HC   Scotland Police officer, fireman Accused of the murder of Dr. J. King Robinson in 1866. Attempt on his life in 1872. In penitentiary for unlawful cohibation.
Burton, John S.         104/8         ?? ?? NM??     Carpenter Can't find this person in any database except the 1874 Salt Lake City directory.
Burton, Joseph 104/4       43/3         1852 Harmon Cutler      England Laborer, warehouseman Joseph and his wife both died less than a year after the birth of their seventh child.
Burton, Robert Taylor 66/8       66/2,3,8         1848 Brigham Young  P3 N Canada Constable, sherrif, farmer, more Member of Nauvoo brass band; helped rescue handcart companies in 1856; involved in military campaigns.
Busby, Joseph 56/6       56/6         1848 Brigham Young    N Pennsylvania Laborer, farmer, ferryman Helped Louisa Barnes Pratt twice; established a ferry on Hams Fork near Ft. Bridger.
Bush, Richard Nelson         86/4         Utah born N/A   N Utah Farmer, rancher, constable Orphaned at 12; father an invalid Mormon Battalion veteran; drove team to Los Angeles at 14; Indian encounters; cowboy.
Butcher, George         42/2         1855 Richard Ballantyne      England Farmer Poor family; oldest daughter came in 1853, mother and three children in 1854, George in 1855; owned a half-size property.
Butterfield, Abel 53/8                 1848 Brigham Young  P2 N Maine Farmer Abel was the first in his family to join the Church (1833), followed by his younger brother, Jacob; Kirtland, Missouri, Nauvoo.
Butterfield, Thomas 96/4                 1849 Allen Taylor  P2 N Maine Farmer, rancher, constable Covenanted to remove Saints from Kirtland and Far West; helped build first irrigation ditch on Jordan River; settled Herriman.
Butterwood, Francis Caroline         60/1         1859 George Rowley  HC/DM/F   England Housewife Handcart vetran of 1859. First child died after 4 days. Husband died 4 months before second child is born.
Butterworth, Edmund or Edward         47/6 62/4       1854 William Empey      England Adobie maker Poor. First wife and third child died on plains. Second wife (sister of first wife) became self-employed and very successful.
Buttle, William         44/3,4,8         1853 Cyrus H. Wheelock      England Laborer, farmer William, Hamilton Park, and William Hart grew the Mulberry trees on Brigham Young's forest farm property for silk worms.
Cahoon, Reynolds 75/1                 1848 Brigham Young  P2 N New York Farmer, tanner, shoemaker 1812 war veteran; Parley Pratt convert, 1830; original high priest; son Mahonri Moriancumer; prisoner at Far West.
Cain, Elizabeth Whitaker         58/5         1847 Hunter/Horne  PW   England Housewife Married on the Atlantic Ocean; husband printed Emigrant Guide to California & was SLC's first postmaster & died young.
Cain, Joseph 49/1                 1847 Hunter/Horne    N England Printer, postmaster Married on the Atlantic Ocean; printed Emigrant Guide to California & was SLC's first postmaster & progressive farmer.
Caine, John Thomas         Plat D 15/1         1852 James McGaw      England Publisher, politician, actor Came to America on his own, baptized in New York, married in St. Louis, Sandwich Island missionary, founder of Herald newspaper.
Calkins, Asa Starkweather 56/4 79/6               1850 Wm. Snow/Jos. Young  P2 N New York Farmer, clerk Pres. British Mission, editor of Millenial Star, among first settlers in St. George.
Call, Anson 53/7                 1848 Brigham Young  P5 N Vermont Merhant, farmer, judge Healed of a speech impediment, witnessed revelation about Saints & Rocky Mountains, winter with Ponca Indians, explorer.
Callister, Edward         41/5         1854 William Field      England Tailor Among the strong converts from the Isle of Man.
Callister, Thomas 86/5       86/5         1847 Spencer/Sessions  P4 N England Tailor, stockman, legislator 14-hour days as tailor apprentice, too sick for Mormon Battalion, settled Fillmore, stake prsident, patriarch.
Camp, James         62/2         1860 John Taylor      England Trader, confectioner James and his wife were in their mid 50s when they came to Utah.
Camp, John David         73/5         1850 Shadrach Roundy  DM   Tennessee Laborer Father owned slaves. Died in California.
Camp, Williams Washington 73/5                 1850 Shadrach Roundy  P3/SO   Georgia Blacksmith Born and raised in the South, provided mules and money for Nauvoo, brought slaves to Utah.
Campkin, George         104/5         1850  Unknown (1850)     England Bootmaker  A successful shoemaking business with his brother, later a bootmaker. Lost 6 of first 8 children to early death.
Candland, David 78/5                 1852 James McGaw  P7 N England Saloon, clerk, attorney Globe saloon, theater manager, wrote Church pamphlets, legislator, moved to Mt. Pleasant, 37 children.
Cannon, Angus Munn         79/7         1849 Allen Taylor  P6 N England Mayor, attorney, mgr., farmer Almost died of ague, miracle of quails (1846), immigration agent, missionary, pottery & mining business, hospital manager.
Cannon, George (estate) 68/6                 1849 Allen Taylor    N England Furniture maker George died two months after making Joseph Smith's death mask in 1844 at the age of 49.
Cannon, George Quayle         85/1         1847 Hunter/Horne  P6 N England Apostle, editor, publisher Apostle,Hawaiian missionary, translated Book of Mormon into Hawaiian language, publisher, editor, general, legislator.
Cannon, Marsena 85/2,3       86/5         1850 Wilford Woodruff      New Hampshire Photographer Earliest photographer in Utah, studio on Main Street next to Wells Fargo.
Capener, William         73/2         1852 Isaac Bullock  P2   England Furniture maker, undertaker Business got him to New York, then Cleveland, where he joined the Church (two sons refused), undertaker for 50 years.
Carmichael, William & Lizzie 39/1       39/1 (Est.)         1850  Unknown (1850) P2 N New York Carpenter, joiner William and wife were double cousins. Five children died, one was mentally retarded, other was gifted poet & rebellious.
Carrigan, Ann & James William 58/8       58/8         1850 Shadrach Roundy  P2   Ireland Printer, bookbinder James in Morse company left two days ahead of wife & kids in Roundy company, missionary twice in England.
Carrington, Albert 94/1,5       94/1 ,2,5         1847 Brigham Young P3 N Vermont Apostle, engineer, editor Apostle, college graduate (Dartmouth), helped survey Great Salt Lake, Brigham Young secretary, mission president
Carson, John Alma         50/1         1851 Walton/Garden Grove      Illinois Teamster Spent 5 years in Garden Grove, father built Carson Inn (stage and Pony Express stop) at Fairfield (Camp Floyd area).
Carter, Lydia Kenyon (Simeon) 39/3                 1849 Silas Richards  PW N Vermont Widow Husband was an early high priest, part of two revelations (D&C: 25 & 75), mission to England, relocated to Brigham City.
Carter, William 67/1                 1847 Brigham Young P3 N England Blacksmith, farmer Married daughter of John Benbow, plowed first ground in SL valley & St. George, helped build St. George temple
Chadwick, Abraham 49/5                 1851  Unknown (1851) P4   England Tailor, farmer, musician 6 years in St. Louis, wife died at Council Bluffs, tragedy on the plains, played saxhorn at temple cornerstone dedication
Chamberlain, Joseph 80/4*       80/4         1853 Preston Thomas      New Jersey Salt & lumber dealer Joseph had 13 children, the last 4 born in Salt Lake City, no other information.
Chambers, John Willard & Garratt         62/5,6         Utah born N/A     Utah Farmer? If this is the right Chambers, then his father was an important typesetter and newspaper man in Ogden.
Chesney, James Albert 41/3                 1847 Brigham Young MS   Missouri Farmer He married in Salt Lake City. Later, he helped settle Meadow Valley in Washington County and Panaca, Nevada.
Childs, A. S. (Cf)         55/8         N/A N/A NM?       An exhaustive research turned up no information on this person.
Chislett, John         40/1         1856 James G. Willie  HC/DM   England Merchant, groceries Willie handcart survivor, learned business working for William Nixon, disaffected, supported anti-Mormon groups.
Church, Haden Wells 67/7                 1847 Battalion Sick Det. BSD N Tennessee Farmer Saerved 5 missions, including Alabama where he met and married his wife. Helped settle St. George.
Church, Methodist Episcopal, (trust)         57/2         N/A N/A Church Building     Methodisat Church An unfinished hay loft over a livery stable, known as Faust's Hall, was  occupied from May 22, 1870, to August, 1871.
City Hall/Council 71/5                 N/A N/A Building   Government Bldg. Government building In 1866 City Hall replaced the Council House for city government; served as city hall and territorial capitol until 1894.
Clark Delecta Farrar 72/6                 1848 Brigham Young  W N Vermont Widow Delecta's husband died at Winter Quarters in 1847. Came to Utah with two married daughters in 1848; died in 1862.
Clark, Ezra Thompson 78/6&7       78/6         1848 Willard Richards  P3 N Illinois Farmer, bank president Grandfather of Obert C. Tanner; 3rd wife involved in sericulture and Logan temple; son died and buried in Israel.
Clark, John          80/3         1848 Heber C. Kimball    N England Mercantile, mayor Major in the Nauvoo Legion, Black Hawk War, mission to England, treasurer of ZCMI, city council, mayor, legislator.
Clark, John Wesley 44/6                 1853 Moses Daley Freight   N Indiana Rancher Moved to Grantsville, then south in 1857, where Clark became involved in the Mt. Meadows massacre.
Clark, Lewis Wilber         60/5         1860s Unidentified NM   Massachusetts Miner Prominent in the gold mining town of Ophir in Tooele County. Not much information.
Clawson, Hiram Bradley 51/1 70/4 72/1*             1848 Brigham Young    N New York Merchant Built Council House; Black Hawk War, managed Brigham Youngs affairs, ZCMI, SL Theater, and own businesses.
Clawson, John & Catherine Reese 75/2       75/2         1848 Brigham Young  P4 N New York Widow Widow at age 36, Brigham Young's 47th polygamous wife at age 55, grandmother of apostle Rudger Clawson.
Claxton, George 44/7                 1853 Joseph W. Young      England ?? George, wife, and daughter left England together. In Keokuk, Iowa, the group enlarges by two. No more information.
Clayton, William 95/1       95/1         1847 & 1848 Brigham Young Pioneer  P9 N England  Clerk, bookkeeper Pioneer journalist, scribe, businessman, musician, and composer (wrote hymn "Come, Come, Ye Saints"), missionary.
Cleary, James Frederick 85/3       85/3         1858 Iver N. Iversen  P2   Nova Scotia Shoemaker Emigrated from Nova Scotia without wife or child in 1858. Married again in 1864, no more children.
Clements, Gilbert 67/5                 1854  Unknown (1854) EM   Ireland Merchant, brush maker Occupied the late James Ferguson's home; staunch, intellectual; dissatisfied; excommunicated 1862, went to California.
Clift, Francis Daniel         50/1,8         1853 Claudius V. Spencer  DM   England Hotel owner Learned business from William Nixon; owned Clift House, badly damaged by fire in 1872.
Clifton, Charles         42/3         1859 James S. Brown      England Stone mason  Listed as a stone mason in the 1869 And 1874 Salt Lake City Directories. No other information available.
Clinton, Jeter 71/8       71/8         1850 Milo Andrus  P4   Indiana Physician, judge, hotel owner City's quarentine physician, also in charge of liquor; had liquor license; built resort on GSL at Lake Point (near Black Rock).
Clive, Claud 70/1                 1852 James McGaw    N England Tailor, musician, baker Tailor (for the Salt Lake Theater); musician, whose son formed a well-known orchestra; G-G-grandfather of Clive Romney.
Clothier, Andrew Jackson 61/2                 1849 Howard Egan  P2 N New York Brick mason Andrew was illiterate. Details few.
Colebrook, Charles 85/6                 1851  Unknown (1851) P2   England Millenery Charles was listed as a millener in the 1869 Salt Lake City directory; in 1874 only Mrs. Colebrook was listed as the millener.
Collins, Albert Washington 79/2*                 1847 Hunter/Foutz    N Georgia Farmer Sent to San Bernardino, California, in 1851, where he was a counselor to Pres. Crosby. Removed to southern Utah in 1857.
Conley, J. M. (Cf)         42/4         ?? ?? NM??   ?? ?? No information available for this person.
Coon, Abraham 98/7*       98/7,8         1850 Warren Foote  P4 N Ohio Tanner, farmer, stock raiser Moved to what later became Magna and set up a tannery. The community was called Coonville, then Pleasant Green.
Cooper, Charles         86/4         1861  Unknown (1861) P2   England Trader, newspapers, toys Very little information. His property was only about 1/4 acre in size.
Cooper, Samuel         49/6         ?? ?? NM   ?? Dry goods, real estate Samuel and William were non-Mormon businessmen.
Cooper, William         49/6         ?? ?? NM   ?? Dry goods, real estate William and Samuel were non-Mormon businessmen.
Coray, William 62/2*                 1848 Holmes/Thompson  B N New York Farmer Battalion; he and wife walked to San Diego, Monterey & Salt Lake; he died months later. Widow had interesting life.
Covington, Berrill, Jr. 85/2                 1847 Hunter/Foutz  P2 N England Photographer, farmer Went to California in 1849 and returned in 1850 with Amasa Lyman. Apprenticed as a photographer with C.R. Savage.
Covington, Berrill, Sr. 104/5                 1852 Abraham O. Smoot    N England Farmer Younger brother, Syms, sailed with Charles Darwin as cabin boy and fiddler.
Coward, John Williams 62/8*                 1852 William Morgan      England Salt dealer Very little information. He left Utah fairly early. No Cowards are listed as being buried in Utah in the 1800s.
Cowley, Charles Caesar 42/7                 1850 Warren Foote    N England Shoemaker Moved to Logan, built a tannery and produced fair samples of leather. Announced his mission finished, while ill, and died.
Crandall, Simeon         86/7         1850 Milo Andrus  DM??   New York Farmer He and his wife died in San Bernardino, California.
Crismon, Charles         68/4         1847 Grant/Noble  P4 N Kentucky Mill builder, miller, farmer Mill in Illinois, winter of 1846 with Ponca Indians, guided Mississippi Saints west, first mill in SLC, Calif. gold miner; Arizona.
Crockeron, George Washington 97/4                 1852 James McGaw  P2   New York Produce dealer Crocheron's 2nd wife, Augusta, a ship Brooklyn emigrant, became a well-known author (her parents left the Church)
Crosby, Jesse Wentworth 85/5                 1847 Spencer/Sessions  P4 N Canada Sexton, farmer Served numerous missions, baptized hundreds, settled St. George, build substantial house, explored Colorado River.
Crosby, Jonathan 37/3       37/3         1848 Willard Richards    N Massachusetts Cabinet maker Life of troubles and miracles, converted relatives Addison & Louisa Barnes Pratt; numerous missions, incl. Sandwich Islands.
Croxall, Jonah         50/5         1861 John R. Murdock      England Shoemaker Little information. Son, Mark, played the coronet extremely well and married two daughters of Brigham Young.
Croxall, Mark         76/4         1861 John R. Murdock  DM??   England Musician, manager Brilliant cornetist, played in New York, across plains, in SL Theater. Employed in telegraph office (1st bike in SLC) & ZCMI.
Cummings, James, Willard         68/2         1851 James W. Cummings  P2 N Maine Tanner, forman, wool mill At or near Winter Quarters: marriage, death of two children and father, mission to England; military, businessman, gov't.
Cunningham, Andrew 80/1*                 1848 Willard Richards  P2 N England Contractor, freighter, farmer Quincy, IL convert; rescued Brig. Young's return group in 1847; managed Genoa, NE Mormon way station; police captain.
Cunningham, James Alma         80/1         1848 Willard Richards      Illinois Mine owner, railroad builder Father was bishop of 15th ward; involved in mining (with Charles Crismon) and railroad building in Tintic mining district.
Cunnington, John         41/1         1853 David Wilkin  DM   England Merchant Father was bishop at Fairfield (near Camp Floyd); merchant; charter member of the anti-Mormon political “Liberal Party.” 
Cushing, Hosea 103/1                 1847 Brigham Young   N Massachusetts Carpenter, joiner Member of vanguard company; married fiance at Winter Quarters, 1848; died 1854 from consumption & Walker War affects.
Cuthbert, Edward 70/6                 1848 Willard Richards    N Ireland Blacksmith Had a blacksmith and horseshoeing with Ira Hinckley (Pres. Hinckley's grandfather); lead mission to Las Vegas.
Daft, Alexander John 73/2       51/6 53/7,8       1856 John Banks  DM   England Merchant, dry goods Merchant & real estate; partner with David Walker;  Independence Hall (for non- & anti-Mormons) built on his property.
Daft, Robert 39/2 51/6     39/2 (Est.)         1852 James Jepson  P2   England Edge tool maker Counselor to Bishop Sheets, 8th ward; died in the faith while younger brother left the faith.
Dallas, Samuel Brown         95/2         1852  Unknown (1852)     Ohio Cabinet maker His son, Samuel C. Dallas, in partnership with William S. Hedges, designed a number of homes and schools.
Darger, William Henry 68/5                 1852  Unknown (1852)     Germany Tailor, farmer  Married a Mormon and joined the Church in New York; settled in Spanish Fork; healed a disabled woman.
Davis, Ann         79/2         ?? ?? NM??   ?? ?? Could not verify this person checking five different databases. Many have the name of Ann Davis.
Davis, Edward William         96/4         1851 James W. Cummings      England Carpenter Involved in Walker, Utah & Black Hawk wars. Counselor when only one elders quorum in Church. Wife in Martin HC company.
Davis, Edwin Woolley         86/4         1851 Easton Kelsey  P2   Ohio Carpenter, conductor U.C.R.R. Could only find his emigration and employment information.
Davis, John Sylvanus         53/1         1854  Unknown (1854)     Wales Printer, saloon (root beer) Printed Book of Mormon and Hymnal in Welsh language, set type for Juvenile Instructor & Deseret News; root beer saloon.
Davis, Morrill Lockwood         43/2 51/5       1860 Warren Walling  P2   New York Physician, surgeon Baptism date two years after coming to Utah. Doctor's office in the Godbe building.
Davis, Nathan 86/6       86/6         1851 Easton Kelsey  P2   Ohio Foundry, iron & brass Bishop, brother-in-law to Edwin Woolley, in charge of machine shops, owned a foundry, built numerous mill pieces.
Day, David         58/3 69/1       1850 Wm. Snow/Jos. Young      England Salesman, gen. merchandise The family moved from Kaysville to Salt Lake City and back to Kaysville.
Day, Thomas 85/2                 1852 Joseph Outhouse  P3 N England Farmer, blacksmith Participated in Lemhi and Muddy Missions, settled in Kanarraville. Wife committed to mental hospital.
Derr, William         97/5         1852 Eli B. Kelsey  P2   Pennsylvania Lamper (oil & gas) theater William controlled the oil and gas lights in the Salt Lake Theater; also a comb maker.
Dewey, Albert Corning (brother) 54/4       54/4         1847 Smoot/Wallace  P3 N Massachusetts Police officer, sheriff deputy Police officer, witness in Jean Baptiste grave robbing; Captain in Nauvoo Legion, Black Hawk War; mission  to England.
Dewey, Benjamin Franklin (brother) 54/2       54/2         1847 Brigham Young P2 N Massachusetts Carpenter, miner, farmer Member of 1847 vanguard company; mission to India; colonizer of San Bernardino; juror in George Reynolds polygamy case.
Dewey, John Henry (brother) 54/2       54/2         1847 Smoot/Wallace  P2 N Massachusetts Freighter, miner, carpenter Brother to Albert Corning and Benjamin Franklin Dewey.
Dickson, Robert 60/6                 1850 Warren Foote  P2   Canada Teacher  Branch president in Nova Scotia. Career teacher.
Dilworth, Eliza Wollerton (mother)         37/7         1847 Grant/Noble  W N Pennsylvania Widow She and children joined the Church and came west. Husband stayed behind. Daughter first school teacher in Utah.
Dilworth, John Taylor (son) 37/7                 1847 Grant/Noble    N Pennsylvania Farmer? Quaker background; moved on to California.
Dinwoodey, Henry 49/7       49/7 50/5 69/6     1855 John Hindley  P3   England Furniture maker Largest furniture maker and merchant in Utah; involved in numerous other businesses, civic, and religious affairs.
Donelson, Charles Madison         71/1         1851  Unknown (1851)     Ohio Cooper, builder No other information other than the emigration year and LDS ordinance dates.
Doolittle, John         51/4         1847-9 ??   N Connecticut Furniture maker Very little information available.
Doremus, Henry J. (I.)         103/3         1847 Hunter/Foutz    N New Jersey Teacher, school principal Married into Fairbanks family; teacher; title of doctor; principal of Union Academy (a private school).
Dotson, Peter K. 75/1                 1851/1857 Unident./U.S.Army NM   Virginia U.S. Marshal Express & mail agent; U.S. Marshall in 1855; heavy-handed, complained of Brigham; resigned in 1859; returned east.
Dougall, Mary Catherine Streeper         86/8         1851 Easton Kelsey  F   Pennsylvania Housewife 1851 emigrant; lived in Springville. Very little information.
Drake, Daniel Newell, Sr. 52/4                 1847 Spencer/Eldredge    N Vermont Farmer Moved to Ogden. Son, Horace, became a patriarch in Davis County.
Dudley, Oliver Hunt 74/8*                 1850 Edward Hunter  P2 N New Hampshire Shoemaker After a short stay in Salt Lake City, the family moved to Willard, Box Elder, Utah. No other information.
Duncan, Homer 84/1                 1848 Willard Richards  P2 N Vermont Cattleman, farmer Had visions; emigrant captain 3 times; brought 1,300 head of cattle from Texas; daughter described pioneer life well.
Dunford, George         86/2         1854 William Field  P2 N England Mercantile, boots, shoes, hats Began a general store, 1854, trip to Palestine cut short because of business; married daughter of Pres. Lorenzo Snow.
Dunyon, John Lewis (Dr.)         68/5         1853 Joseph W. Young  UC   Massachusetts Doctor, sericulture, inn keeper Doctor; joined Churh on way to gold fields, successful sericulture; ran Porter Rockwell's Halfway Inn.
Duzette, Edward Peas 52/3                 1848 Heber C. Kimball  P2 N Massachusetts Band major, drummer, farmer Best drummer in the Church, band major, missionary, St. George settler.
Dwyer, James Powers         95/2,3         1861 Homer Duncan      Ireland Bookstore, stationer Largest bookstore in Utah; intellectual; florist; New York stage actress daughter (Ada).
Eager, John 37/8*                 1848 Ebenezer Brown  SB N New York Printer, clerk, rancher Ship Brooklyn; assoc. editor of California Star; teacher, moved to Manti; settled Eager (Round Valley) Arizona; bishop.
Eardley, Coxall & Co.         51/4         N/A   Business       Eardley brothers (Bedson, John, James) were potters; Jonah Croxall was a shoemaker. Can't find Coxall anywhere.
Eardley, John         43/6         1860 Jesse Murphy  P2   England Potter, musician Orphaned at age 15. Potter in SLC with brothers, James & Bedson. Potter in St. George & Garfield County. Band leader.
East, Edward Wallace         78/2         1855 Seth Blair/Ed. Stevenson  P2   Virginia Clerk Texas, then "Cholera" company. Five children died on trail in Kansas, twins later in Salt Lake City. Died in Arizona.
Eastman, Ozro French 103/4                 1847 & 1848 Brigham Young Pioneer  NM   Vermont Harness maker Non-Mormon; came in 1847 with Brigham Young. Returned to Winter Quarters, then back to Utah, 1848. Never baptized.
Eccles, Henry         62/8         1856 Philemon C. Merrill      England Stonecutter Arrived in Nauvoo in 1847, didn't make it to Utah until 1856. Worked on temple and Main Street buildings.
Eddington, William Joseph 55/1       59/4         1853 Joseph W. Young  P4   England Trader, lumber merchant Lumber, mercantile business, educator, longest-serving high councilor in Church history; befriended C.R. Savage.
Eddins, John         57/3         1848 Willard Richards  P3/DM   England Brewer Came to Utah as an orphan. Had a brewery four miles south on State Street.
Edwards, Moroni         62/7         ??       England Laborer Limited information. No children. Probably immigrated by train.
Egan, Howard 98/8                 1847/48 Brigham Young Pioneer  P2 N Ireland Rope maker, rancher, mail agent Vanguard company member, Pony Express agent, pioneered road to California, guarded Brigham Young's grave.
Eldredge, Horace Sunderlin 72/5       72/5 75/3       1848 Brigham Young  P4 N New York General merchandise, banker President of Z.C.M.I., European mission, two banks, and own business. Emigration agent in St. Louis.
Elggren, Adolph Fredrick         97/3         1864-5 ?? P2   Sweden Farmer Served a mission to Sweden at age 62. 
Ellerbeck, Thomas Witton         96/6,7         1851  Unknown (1851) P4   England Accountant, Supt. Of Gas Works Brigham Young's chief clerk & accountant. Superintendant of SLC Gas Works, investor.
Ellis, Joseph Tickle 73/6                 1853-55 Unknown P3   England Farmer Built first home in rebuilt Spring City, Sanpete County. Married English and Danish women.
Ellsworth, Edmund Lovell 55/5                 1847 Brigham Young P4/HC N New York Farmer, lumberman, construction First handcart company captain. Supt. of railroad construction, northern Utah. Mission to England. Walker War veteran.
Ellsworth, Elizabeth Young         74/6         1847 Grant/Noble  PW N New York Housewife Brigham Young's first child, wife of Edmund Ellsworth the handcart captain; party to legal suit against Brigham's executors.
Ely, Emma A.         57/8         ?? N/A F   ?? ?? No solid information
Empey, David Levi 62/5*                 1852 David Wood    N Canada Farmer, rancher  Brother to William Empey. Came west with father-in-law's company; went to Texas for a few years; settled in Midway, Utah.
Empey, William 62/1                 1847/48 Brigham Young Pioneer  P3 N Canada Ferryman, farmer Operated ferry boats, 1847-1850s, lived in five different counties, finally in St. George
Engelbrect, Paul         70/2         ?? ?? NM   ?? Liquor store Wholesale/retail liquor seller; refused to pay license; $18,000 stock destroyed; case ended in U.S. Supreme Court decision.
Engstrom, John Peter         53/7         1860s Unknown     Sweden Cabinet maker Apparently only Church member in his family. First wife died; second wife came alone from Sweden as well.
Ensign, John Calvin         55/2         1847 Spencer/Eldredge    N Connecticut or Mass. Carpenter Had farmland near the Jordan River with his brother Luman.
Ensign, Luman Ashley         55/2         1847 Spencer/Eldredge    N Connecticut or Mass. Farmer Had farmland near the Jordan River with his brother John Calvin.
Ensign, Rufus Bronson         55/2         1847 Spencer/Eldredge    N Connecticut or Mass. Freighter, farmer Married late, only one child. Brother to Luman and John Calvin Ensign
Ensign, Samuel 54/6       54/6         1847 Spencer/Eldredge  P2   Massachusetts Millwright Uncle to other Ensigns. Mill builder, carpentry forman at Public Works. Killed in fall from SL Temple at age 80.
Episcopal Church         73/2         N/A N/A Church building       Methodist Episcopal Church, built in 1871.
Evans, Charles Minshall         42/7         1852 William Morgan  P2   Wales Grocer, clerk Came with his brother David's family to America and Utah. Played bugle in 1880 Pioneer Day parade.
Evans, David Minshall         49/5         1852 William Morgan  P2   Wales Carpenter, builder Played in and at ground-breaking and corner stone laying of the Salt Lake temple.
Evans, John Edward         62/1         1860s Unidentified P2   England Deseret News office, actor Office worker at Deseret News. Actor at Salt Lake Theater.
Everett, Addison 37/5                 1847 Brigham Young P2 N New York Carpenter Vanguard company member, ship builder, carpenter; settled St. George, worked on and in St. George temple.
Fairclough, Peter         42/4         1849-62 Unknown     England Stonemason Age 15 when he left England. Stonemason on the Salt Lake temple.
Farlin, Orin Day 56/5                 1852 John Tidwell  DM N Pennsylvania Farmer Assigned to campaign for Joseph Smith in Pennsylvania. Left Utah and apparently the Church.
Farmer, James         53/6         1856 John A. Hunt      England Stone mason Three wives, two died at or shortly after childbirth. Hunt wagon company followed behind Martin Handcart company.
Farr, Aaron Freeman         95/7         1847 Brigham Young P3 N Vermont Lawyer, judge, farmer 1847 pioneer, missionary, probate judge, legislator, superintendent of Logan Z.C.M.I.
Farr, Andrew 95/7                 <1853 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Probably a false entry and should read Aaron Farr on the N. G. Morgan map.
Farr, Lorin 95/8                 1847 Spencer/Eldredge  P5 N Vermont Farmer, miller, mayor Ogden mayor, 22 years; stake president, 20 years; miller, businessman, legislator, missionary.
Farr, Winslow 97/2                 1850 Wm. Snow/Jos. Young    N New Hampshire Judge, farmer Parents of a great Mormon family; wife's miraculous healing led to conversion; ancestor to Pres. George Albert Smith.
Faust, Henry Jacob         57/5 69/3       1854-5 Unidentified UC   Prussia Cattleman, livery stable, mailman Utah convert from Germany; Pony Express station; cattleman; g-grandfather of LDS Pres. James E. Faust.
Fenton, Thomas         44/3 47/2       1851 John Brown  P3 N England Nurseryman, gardner Nurseryman, florist, largest greenhouses in the valley. Introduced "English" sparrow to Utah to eat insects.
Ferguson, James 67/5       67/5         1848 Ebenezer Brown  P4/MB/HC   Ireland Soldier, lawyer, writer, actor Great intellect, leader, lawyer, actor, died at age 35, witty, Mormon Battalion veteran.
Fielding, Joseph 97/6                 1848 Heber C. Kimball  P2 N England Farmer Helped open England to missionary work; second British mission president; brother to Mary Fielding Smith.
Fife, Peter Muir 51/3                 1848  Unknown (1848)   N Scotland Farmer Stumped for Joseph Smith, 1844;  settled Hamilton Fort near Cedar City.
Findley, Hugh         Arsenal Hill         1855 Amasa M. Lyman  P3   Scotland Match manufacture, farmer Missionary to Scotland and India. Early maker of matches; involved with silk production; settled in Bear Lake, Idaho.
Fletcher, Esther Bathsheba Wright         54/1         1851  Unknown (1851) PW N Massachusetts Teacher, widow Wife of Francis Fletcher; taught school after his death & married Royal Barney as a polygamist wife.
Fletcher, Francis Eugene 54/1                 1851  Unknown (1851) P2 N Massachusetts Carpenter, stone cutter Built houses; cut first granite stone in Little Cottonwood canyon for temple; died young.
Folsom, William Harrison         78/7-8 69/2       1860 Joseph W. Young Freight P2 N New Hampshire Architect, builder Architect involved in numerous buildings (SL theater, tabernacle, Manti temple, City Hall, u.a.); father-in-law to B. Young.
Fordham, Elijah 79/6                 1850 Edward Hunter  P3 N New York Carpenter, lumber dealer Helped Kimball and Pratt on missions; Zion's Camp; raised from near death by Joseph Smith; carved oxen for Nauvoo temple.
Forsyth, Thomas R. 62/6                 1850 Stephen Markham    N Scotland Lumberman, miller, carpenter Hauled much of the lumber for the SL Tabernacle & other buildings; spirit of prophesy; athletic body; devoted to service.
Fort, Pioneer 48/all                 N/A N/A Property N/A N/A N/A Salt Lake City's first residential and fort construction, used primarily 1847-9.
Foss, Sarah Brackett Carter 77/8       77/8         1850 Wilford Woodruff  W N Maine Widow Widow  49 years; friend of Wilford Woodrff; mother-in-law to apostle F.D. Richards; grandmother to Matthias F. Cowley.
Foster, Solon         39/8         1850 Edward Hunter    N New York Carpenter, stockman, farmer Only member of a large family to join the Church; Zion's Camp; stumped politically in New York for Joseph Smith.
Foster, William         50/8 57/3       1866  Unknown (1866)     England Laborer Only two of nine children made it to Utah with William and Anne Foster; laborer; moved to St. Charles, Idaho.
Fox, Jesse Willliams         78/3         1849 Gully/Spencer  P2 N New York Surveyor, teacher Surveyor more than 20 years; surveyed Salt Lake, Manti, Logan temples, numerous towns and canals.
France, Joseph 60/8                 1849/56 S. Gully/O. Spencer  P4/HC N Pennsylvania Farmer Couldn't afford travel on ship, Brooklyn. Mission to England; member of Ellsworth Handcart Company.
France, William 86/2                 1853 Jacob Gates      England No information He died 7 years after coming to Utah. No further record of wife or any children.
Froerer (Gfroerer), Frederick 83/4                 1849 Allen Taylor    N Germany Carpenter Only member of his family to join the Church. 
Frost, Burr 54/5       54/5         1847 Brigham Young P3 N England Blacksmith Blacksmith, vanguard company, iron mission; missionary to Australia; made first tools in SLC and molasses.
Fuller, Elijah Knapp 95/3                 1847 Spencer/Sessions  P5 N New York Freighter, stockman, farmer Went to California in 1847 with Jefferson Hunt; settled in Harrisburg & Leeds, Washington County.
Fuller, Wyllys Darwin         103/4         1847 Spencer/Sessions    N New York Farmer? Age 11 when he came with his parents to Utah in 1847. Bishop of Leeds Ward (Washington County) in 1876.
Fullmer, David         43/5         1848 Willard Richards  P3 N Pennsylvania Farmer, treasurer Council of 50; councilor to president, SL stake; laid a cornerstone for SL temple; legislator, patriarch, explorer.
Gabbott, Edward 50/4                 1848  Unknown (1848)   N Illinois Farmer Born in Nauvoo; mother run over by a wagon and killed crossing Iowa; farmer; school trustee.
Gabbott, John         50/4         1848  Unknown (1848) P3 N England Farmer Crossing Iowa, wife run over by a wagon and killed; farmed & settled in the "Big Field," Farmer's Ward.
Ganelon, W.         101/5         ?? N/A NM   ?? ?? Doesen't show in any source.
Garr, Fielding 79/7                 1847 Grant/Snow    n Virginia Rancher Built home on Antelope Island; first caretaker of the Church herds; died there. Son, Abel, helped with handcart rescue.
Gates, Hiram 44/1*                 1848 Brigham Young  P2 N Canada Rancher Captain in Battle of Nauvoo. Five-acre ranch in Big Field. Died in California in 1850.
Gates, Jacob 56/8                 1847 Grant/Snow  P3 N Vermont Farmer, carpenter, joiner Early Church member; served numerous missions; with Joseph Smith in Richmond jail; father-in-law to Susa Young Gates.
Gates, Thomas 56/7                 1847 Spencer/Eldredge    N Vermont Farmer Born before American Revolution; covenant maker; strength to Church; father of Jacob & Lucy Gates,
Gee, Lysander 44/1*                 1849 Smith/Jones  P3 N Ohio Lawyer, carpenter, justice, postmaster Two of three wives died young; major figure in Tooele area; 21 children; legislator from Shimbip County.
Gheen, William 51/6                 1849  Unknown (1849)   N Pennsylvania Hotel keeper, butcher Went to Nauvoo as non-Mormon; Battle of Nauvoo; butcher business failed in SLC; went to Calif., where he died at 40.
Gibbs, Horace DeWitt 103/7,8       103/7,8         1848 Heber C. Kimball  P2 N New York Joiner Emigrated to Utah at age 61; went to Calif. In 1849; returned and help build a mill in Millcreek Canyon.
Gibbs, William Spooner 47/8*                 1853 Jacob Gates      England Farmer? Came to Utah alone in 1853 at age 52. Married a widow (her 3rd marriage) in 1855 and moved to Spanish Fork.
Gibby, William Davis         41/3         1856 Canute Peterson      Wales Farmer He and brother, John, only members. Won $500 in 1889 for producing most wheat on an acre in the U.S.
Godbe & Company         75/2         N/A N/A Business   N/A N/A Millionaire businessman; major medical building (Main & 100 South); excommunicated; polygamist.
Godbe, Charlotte         56/1         1848 Brigham Young  PW N Massachusetts Feminist Polygamous wife of Willim S. Godbe (painful experience); divorced; feminist, antagonist to Emmeline Wells.
Godbe, Mary Hampton         40/4 72/4       1856 Canute Peterson  PW/DM   Pennsylvania Housewife Involved in women's issues; left the Church when husband, Wm. S. Godbe excomunicated (head of "Godbeite" movement).
Goddard, George 104/6       72/2         1852 John Tidwell  P2   England Merchant, clerk Missionary handcart company; first open-stall merchant in SLC; Presiding Bishop Hunter's clerk; rag missionary.
Golding, Robert Jackson         103/2         1854 Pratt/Benson/Eldredge  P3   Indiana Tanner, shoemaker, tax collector Major in the Nauvoo Legion; protected mail route and Morrisite war involvement in 1862.
Golightly, Richard 53/6       53/6         1852 John Tidwell      England Baker, candy maker Built and operated the Globe Bakery, the first bakery in Utah, for 17 years. Wife reluctant at first to be baptized.
Goodrich, Joseph 61/5                 1852? ??     England ?? Only circumstantial evidence as to identity. If assumption is correct, he died in 1855.
Graham, Thomas Bradford 97/3                 1852 Henry B. M. Jolley      South Carolina Shoemaker Wife dies in childbirth (11th child) crossing Iowa; Thomas is killed by a grizzly bear near Mendon, Cache, Utah.
Granger, Lafayette         79/4,5         1847 Smoot/Wallace  P2 N New York Mining operator Son of Oliver (took care of Joseph Smith's debts); brother to Sarah Melissa Granger (Relief Society organization).
Grant, David 57/6                 1847/48 Brigham Young Pioneer  P2 N Scotland Tailor, farmer Vanguard company married; first two wives died early; account book gave good cost of tailoring work.
Grant, George Davis 75/7                 1848 Brigham Young  P5 N New York Farmer, military leader Battle of Provo; Utah War;  Grantsville named after him; mission to England; in charge of handcart rescue.
Grant, Jedediah Morgan 75/4                 1847 Grant/Noble&Snow P6 N New York Stock raiser, farmer, mayor Multiple missions; visions; first mayor of SLC; instigator of Reformation, 1856; Morgan county & city named after him.
Gray, John Caldwell 74/8 104/3     57/6 74/8       1849 Allen Taylor  P2 N Massachusetts Sexton, farmer City cemetery sexton until 1863. Five-acre property in Big Field; jail time for polygamy.
Green, John G. 72/7                 1848/1852 Parley P. Pratt  NM   ?? ?? Picked up by mail carriers while on way to Calif. Returned to Utah with P.P. Pratt. Left Utah at some point.
Griggs, Thomas Cott         61/1         1861 Joseph Horne  P2   England Salesman, musician, choir director Came to music late; Eardley & Croxall bands; Tab. & Ward choir director; Church hymn books; hymn composer.
Groesbeck, John Amberson         52/1 95/8       1856 John Banks      Illinois Capitalist, real estate, mining Son of Nicholas Groesbeck; partner in Flagstaff silver mine; inspected mine in Peru for McCune; died of black smallpox.
Groesbeck, Nicholas         39/5 57/5 69/7     1856 John Banks      New York Miner, capitalist, sheriff Owner, Flagstaff silver mine; Groesbeck building and block(57); Abraham Lincoln was his lawyer in Illinois.
Groesbeck, William         52/3         1856 John Banks      Illinois Business, mining, real estate Son of Nicholas Groesbeck; partner in Flagstaff silver mine; brother-in-law to John Morgan.
Grow, Henry 98/2                 1851 James W. Cummings  P6 N Pennsylvania Carpenter, builder Known best for constructing the Tabernacle roof; master builder of buildings, bridges, mills and homes.
Gunnel, John 55/8                 1849 Ezra T. Benson      England Farmer?? First wife and four children; he was 65 when he came to Utah and died a year later.
Hague, James         51/5         1852 James Jepson      England Gunsmith, locksmith Firefighter, gunsmith; he and wife shipwrecked and died on trip to England, 1870.
Hale, Aroet 96/2                 1848 Heber C. Kimball  P4 N New Hampshire Farmer Orphaned at 18; blessings form H.C. Kimball; brings his siblings to Utah; Las Vegas mission; great history details.
Hall, John Kilburn         62/5,6         1863  Unknown (1863) P2   England Builder, farmer Helped with plans for the Morgan Stake tabernacle; only bishop of Enterprise, Morgan ward (1877-1900).
Hammer, T.         96/5         ?? ?? NM   ?? ?? No information available for this person.
Hammond, S. M.         37/8         ?? ?? NM   ?? ?? No information available for this person.
Hampton, Benjamin         97/4         1853 Moses Clawson      Pennsylvania Capitalist, miner Emigrated alone at 16; manufactured tobacco products; built bridge over Bear River (Hampton's ford); mining business
Hanks, Jacob 52/5,6                 ?? ?? NM   ?? ?? No information available for this person.
Hanks, M. H.         71/3         ?? ?? NM   ?? ?? No information available for this person.
Hanks, Sidney Alvarus 71/3                 1847/1848 Brigham Young   N Ohio Shingle mill operator, rancher Brother to Ephraim Hanks, whom he helped convert; 8-year mission to Sandwich Islands; froze to death, Parleys Park.
Harding, Alvin Milton 68/2                 1847 Smoot/Russell  DM N Vermont Farmer? Alvin and Violette were endowed in Nauvoo temple; left Utah early; no children baptized.
Hardy, J. M.         80/1         ?? ?? NM   ?? ?? No information available for this person.
Harmon, Appleton Milo         57/5         1847/48 Brigham Young Pioneer    N Pennsylvania Carpenter, sawmill, builder, blacksmith Built the odometer for the vanguard company, many saw mills, the cotton mill near St. George, numerous furniture items.
Harper, Charles Alfred 104/6                 1847/1848 Brigham Young Pioneer  P2 N Pennsylvania Wheelwright, wagon maker Wagon and wheel making, Nauvoo & vanguard company; settler,Big Cottonwood & Parley's park (daughter's name).
Harper, John 55/6*                 1852 Isaac M. Stewart      Ireland Stonecutter Worked on Nauvoo temple and Public Works in Salt Lake City.
Harrington, Thomas & Margaret 42/6       42/6         1848 Heber C. Kimball  P2   England Farmer Almost no information.
Harris, McGee 40/3                 1848 Brigham Young      Tennessee Farmer Ten-acre farmer in Big Field; helped settle Herriman, Utah.
Harris, Robert 62/7                 1850 Aaron Johnson  B N England Farmer? One of first English immigrants to Nauvoo; Mormon Battalion, Company E (age 41); settled in Kaysville.
Haslam, Jane Livingston 96/5                 1854  Unknown (1854) F   Scotland Housewife Small property in her name. Predeeded her only child in death by 8 years, at age 55.
Hawkins, John Bennett 58/8       58/8         1852 Higbee/Bay      England Blacksmith Only member of his family to join the Church. Came alone to Utah; married a Willie Handcart survivor.
Hawkins, Leo 104/6                 1852 Benjamin Gardner      England Laborer? Father died at Council Bluffs on way to Utah. He, wife and child died early, perhaps at the same time, around 1857.
Hawkins, Thomas Sunderland 73/8       68/8         1852  Unknown (1852) P3   England Tinsmith, farmer First polygamy test case, wife testified against husband; favorable Supreme Court ruling; moved to Mexico in 1885.
Heath, E(lizabeth?)         42/4,5         1853 Joseph W. Young  ??   ?? ?? Emigration company only evidence listed.
Heath, Henry 61/1       61/8         1847 Hunter/Foutz      England Farmer, night watchman Orphaned at 18, came in 1847; Pratt's southern Utah exploration, 1850; protect mail routes, 1862.
Heath, Thomas 61/2       61/1,2 47/5       1847 Hunter/Foutz      England Farmer  Orphaned at 15, came in 1847.
Hempstand, Charles W. 55/2*                 ?? ?? ??   ?? ?? No information available for this person.
Hepworth, John         70/4         1852 John Tidwell      England Butcher Early butcher in town; accumulated some real estate property on Main Street.
Heywood, Joseph Leland 94/6                 1848 Willard Richards  P4 N Massachusetts Marshal, postmaster, road builder U.S. Marshal, bishop, Church agent, settlement creator, patriarch, all-around useful person.
Heywood, Sarepta M.         94/6         1848 Willard Richards  PW N Ohio Housewife Wife of bishop Joseph L. Heywood; remained in SLC when husband sent south to build and strengthen settlements.
Hickenlooper, William Haney 43/8       43/8         1847 Spencer/Eldredge  P3 N Pennsylvania Farmer, store manager (co-op) Good conversion story; Sixth Ward bishop for 40 years; simultaneous bishop of Fith Ward for 17 years.
Hickerson, George Washington 40/1                 1848 Willard Richards    N Tennessee Farmer Soldier, Ft. Leavenworth; partner with John D. Lee; missionary, 1854-6; settled South Weber, Kanosh.
Hicks, John Thomas Richards         97/2         1856 John A. Hunt  P2   England Shoemaker Married sisters from Switzerland; convicted of unlawful cohabitation, released from prison 7 months before death.
Hill, Archibald Newell 68/1       68/1         1847 Smoot/Wallace  P3 N Scotland Clerk (tithing office), watchman Abuse at Nauvoo; wife died at Winter Quarters; wife married a Gentile while husb. on a mission (man was killed).
Hill, L. H.         67/3         ?? ?? ??   ?? ?? No information available for this person. Property connecty to county courthouse. 
Hills, Lewis Samuel         67/7         1862 Gilbert/Gerrish Freight UC   Massachusetts Capitalist, banker, land registrar Converted in Utah; began bank with Hooper & Eldredge; Director, Utah Power & Light.
Hoagland, Abraham Lucas 60/8       60/8         1847 Hunter/Horne  P4 N New Jersey Carpenter, bishop Bishop in Winter Quarters; bishop 14th Ward (1851 until death in 1872); organized Rel. Soc., 1856, Phoebe Woodruff, Pres.
Hoagland, Agnes 60/7                 1847 Hunter/Horne  PW   England Housewife Wife of Bishop Abraham Hoagland; officer in 14th Ward Relief Society under Phoebe Woodruff.
Hoagland, John 60/7                 1847 Hunter/Horne    N Michigan Teamster, hotelier, farmer Son of Bishop Hoagland; ambushed by Indians in Parleys Park, 1853, two friends killed; mission to Switzerland, 1866-68.
Hockaday, John M. 61/4,7                 1851  Unknown (1851) NM   Virginia Mail & stage route owner Two main contracts between Independence and SLC, between 1851-1859; interrupted by Kimball bid & Utah War.
Hocking, William Henry         56/1         1853 Joseph W. Young  P2   England Clerk Scant information.
Hollingshead, Thomas William 103/4                 1852 James C. Snow  DM?? N Canada Farmer? Petitioned Gov. Boggs (Missouri) for redress of property damages, 1838. Son, Nelson, carpenter in Nauvoo.
Holman, Ezekial Jonathan         104/3         1850 James Lake  P2 N New York Teamster, merchant, bishop Orphaned at 14; subcontractor for UPRR; bishop, patriarch in Sandy.
Holmes, Jonathan 44/4 61/2               1847/1848 Grant & Holmes P2/B N Massachusetts Farmer, shoemaker Lived with Joseph Smith; married one of his wives; Mormon Battalion; found bodies at Tragedy Springs.
Holmes, Robert 49/2                 1847 Hunter/Horne    N England Farmer Baptized by John Benbow; immigrated to Nauvoo in 1840. Good description of housing in fort, 1847.
Holt, Samuel         72/1         1864 William S. Warren      England Farmer? Lost wife and child crossing the plains in 1864. Settled, eventually, in Cache County.
Hood, Aurilla Lee         85/5         1862 James S. Brown  W   Massachusetts Widow Husband, possibly a doctor, died two years after coming to Utah.
Hooper and Eldredge         75/3         N/A N/A Business Property N/A N/A N/A Hooper & Eldredge involvement in business, railroading, banking, and real estate.
Hooper, Eldredge & Co.         69/7,8 75/3       N/A N/A Business Property N/A N/A N/A Hooper & Eldredge, the company.
Hooper, William Henry 96/3       70/1 58/4 75/1&2     1850  Unknown (1850) UC   Maryland Business, banking, railroad Converted in Utah after marrying a Mormon; delegate to Congress 4 terms; first Mormon bank; railroad to granite quarry.
Horne, Joseph 50/5 59/5     59/5         1847 Hunter/Horne      England Farmer Traveled the trail numerous times; explored Utah; dedicated San Pete County; patriarch; wife R.S. Pres., 14th Ward.
Horrocks or Harrocks, Peter 72/3       72/3 (Est.)         1855 Secrist/Guymon      England Laborer? Came at age 55 with wife and only child; took in a handcarter and introduced her to future husband.
Houtz, Heber Christian         56/8         1848 Brigham Young      Iowa Mail rider Emigrated at age one; ambushed and killed by Indians (Black Hawk War) in 1867 at age 19.
Howard, Joseph         68/3         1864 William Hyde      England Farmer Joseph lost his two youngest children, then his wife crossing the plains; remained a widower 32 years.
Huffaker, Simpson David 40/8       50/8         1847 Grant/Snow  P3 N Kentucky Farmer, mechanic, cabinet maker Wife died at Nauvoo; has chest in Pioneer Memorial Museum.
Hughes, John 55/7                 1848 Brigham Young      England Farmer Numerous John Hughes; sketchy information; not 100 percent verifyable. 
Hunt, Daniel Durham 51/6                 1850 Aaron Johnson    N North Carolina Carpenter First wife died in Nauvoo; collected funds for poor in Garden Grove; 2nd wife died after 19 days on trail.
Hunter, Edward 56/4&5 71/5 75/3   94/4         1847 Hunter/Foutz&Horne P4 N Pennsylvania Presiding bishop As Presiding Bishop of the Church, he superintended emigration for over two decades.
Hunter, Stephen 51/1       42/3         about 1851 unidentified P2   Scotland Laborer First wife left him when he took a polygamous wife, who later died delivering her 5th child. Child died as well.
Huntington, Dimick Baker 101/6       101/6         1847 Battalion Sick Det. P4/BSD   New York Farmer, blacksmith, Ind. Interp. Drum major; Indian interpreter (negotiated two peace treaties); son, Lot, killled by Porter Rockwell for stealing horse.
Huntington, William Dresser 101/7                 1849 Silas Richards  P3 N New York Farmer, musician, drum maker Raised from dead by Joseph Smith about time his mother died from malaria; his drums used throughout Utah.
Hushman, Bernetta         50/2         ?? ?? F/NM   ?? ?? Absolutely no information; probably came with railroad; property ownership very small.
Hussey, Warren         40/5,6 69/5 70/4     1860s Unidentified NM   Colorado Bank president Gold broker & land agent in Colorado; Pres. First National Bank & Bank of Corinne; bankrupt by panic of 1873. 
Hyde, Charles Walker         50/4         1848 Brigham Young  P3 N New York Farmer, patriarch Son of Heman Hyde; patriarch could prophesy and heal the sick.
Hyde, Heman 57/7       57/7 (Est.)         1848 Brigham Young  P4 N Vermont Farmer Converted by Pratt brothers, family formed nucleus of Freedom, N.Y., branch of the Church. No relation to Orson Hyde.
Hyde, Marinda Nancy         94/3         1852 Henry W. Miller  PW N Vermont Housewife Wife of Orson Hyde & Joseph Smith, whom she divorded, and sister to apostle brothers, Luke & Lyman; R. S. president.
Hyde, Orson 94/2,3                 1850/1852 Orson Hyde  P8 N Connecticut Apostle, leadership talents Missions to states, Canada, England, Palestine; Zion's Camp; disfellowshipped; involved in everything Mormon.
Independence Hall         51/6         N/A N/A Non-Mormon Bldg. N/A N/A N/A Building used by various non-Mormon groups for religious, political, and social gatherings.
Ivins, Anthony 60/1                 1853 Anthony Ivins      New Jersey General merchandise  Businessman; small company included Rachel Ivins, future mother of Pres. H. J. Grant; uncle to Apostle Anthony W. Ivins.
Jackman, Ammi Rumsey         78/4         1847 Charles C. Rich  DM? N New York Clerk Son of Levi Jackman; experienced Church history in Kirtland, Missouri, and Illinois; may have disassociated from the Church.
Jackson, Henry Clark 78/3                 1852 James C. Snow  P2   England Blacksmith, justice of the peace Bishop & patriarch; removed to Cache County early in 1860s; gave a nice description of pioneer Christmas.
Jackson, William H. 56/1                 ?? ?? ??   ?? ?? No information found to properly identify this person.
Jacobs, Norton 98/3                 1847/48 Brigham Young Pioneer  P2 N Massachusetts Carpenter, cabinet maker Joined the Church in Illinois; member of Brigham Young's vanguard company; worked on temples and public works.
Jacobs, Zina Diantha Huntington         56/4         1848 Brigham Young  PW N New York Housewife 3rd Gen. Relief Society President; polygamist wife of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.
Jennings, William 58/8 68/6*     58/7 61/5 66/4   84/1-4 1852 Higbee/Bay  P2   England General merchandise, capitalist Owner of Eagle Emporium & Devereaux House; principle owner & founder of ZCMI; first Mormon millionaire. 
Johnson, Benjamin Franklin 83/1*                 1848 Willard Richards  P7 N New York Orchardist, farmer Bishop, patriarch; partner with Joseph Smith in Ramus; settled Payson area, had Utah's premier orchard.
Johnson, Joel Hills 83/7                 1848 Willard Richards  P5 N Massachusetts Saw mill builder/operator, farmer Patented a shingle-cutting machine; built Kirtland saw mill; wrote hymn, "High on a Mountain Top;" settled Johnson Fort.
Johnson, Joseph Ellis 83/8*                 1850/1861 Orson Hyde  P3 N New York Printer, druggist, farmer Brother to Joel and B, F., started numerous newspapers; druggist, distiller (Valley Tan remedies); Spring Lake, St. George.
Johnson, Joseph Watkins 59/8       59/1         1848 Brigham Young  P3 N Ohio Teamster Married by Hyrum Smith; mission to England in 1850, where he baptized Hannah Topham King (famous in Utah literature).
Johnson, S.         65/7         ?? ?? ?? NM? ?? ?? Could not verify this person checking available databases. Probably a non-Mormon.
Johnson, Thomas Smith 75/1                 1850 Benjamin Hawkins    N New York Farmer Very little information available. Questionable information of endowment and marriage.
Johnson, William Derby 83/6*                 1861 Sixtus E. Johnson    N New York Merchant, store owner One of the Johnson brothers; helped settle Johnson (near Kanab) and Diaz, Mexico; made items to sell in his store.
Jones, Charles Frederick, (Est.)         61/7         1860 William Budge      England Tin Smith Only 1 of 8 children survived to adulthood and he was died in the Philippines in 1902 during the Spanish American War.
Jones, Dan 69/4                 1849 Smith/Jones  P3 N Wales Seaman, boat captain Owned "Maid of Iowa" steamboat (Joseph Smith a partner); 2 missions to Wales (converted thousands).
Jones, John 47/6*                 49, 52, or 53 G. A. Smith/Dan Jones  ??   ?? ?? Too many John Jones and none of the databases had any valuable information to make a proper identification.
Jones, Nathaniel Vary 66/1       66/1 (Est.)         1849 Howard Egan  P5 N New York Carpenter Sergeant in the Mormon Battalion; guarded John C. Fremont; bishop; many assignments; good writer; died at age 40.
Jones, William R. 65/1       65/1         1850  Unknown (1850)     England Tailor Couldn't find much information. Not sure if what I found is totally accurate. There are other William R. Joneses.
Jordan, R. W.         58/4         ?? ?? NM?   ?? Building contractor  Probably a non-Mormon builder hired by the Walker Brothers to build their "Walker House" hotel
Judd, Thomas Alfred 65/3*       65/3         1849 Allen Taylor  P2 N New York Cooper, laborer, farmer First converts in his Canadian town; worked in Springfield to get means to come to Utah. Daughter married Hiram Clawson.
Kaigan, Charles 103/3                 ?? ?? NM?   Isle of Man ?? Relative of Elizabeth Kaighan (or Kaighin, or Kaighen), wife of Pres. John Taylor. No other information available.
Kay, William 58/1                 1848 Willard Richards  P2 N England Farmer 1837 English convert; missionary; Kaysville, Utah named after him (settled on Kay's Creek, Kaysville's first bishop).
Kelly, John B.         42/8         1853 John Brown  P2   Isle of Man Bookbinder, orchardist, actor Created the Kelly (bookbinding) Company; brought tree cuttings, grafted branches; actor; hypnotist.
Kelly, John Joseph 42/1,4*       42/1         ?? Unidentified P2   Isle of Man Stone mason Stone mason from the Isle of Man; only information is that he brought his Manchester Hymnal with his name in it.
Kelly, William 41/5                 1848  Unknown (1848) P3/MB N Isle of Man Farmer, merchant Mormon Battalion, company A. Only member of his large family to come to Utah; settled in American Fork.
Kelsey, Eli Brazee 55/1                 1852 Eli B. Kelsey  P2 N Ohio Mining broker, gardener, attorney Successful with orchards, vinyards, sheep, mining, business, leadership; sympathetic to Godbeites, excommunicated.
Kesler, Frederick 84/5       84/5         1851 James W. Cummings  P3 N Pennsylvania Mill builder, inventor, bishop Built mill at Winter Quarters and the most mills in Utah. Invented smut (grain cleaning) machines.
Keyser (Keysor), Guy Messiah         37/8         1850 Amasa M. Lyman  P4/MB N New York Carpenter, mason  Mormon Battalion, company B. Worked on temple and other public works.
Kimball, Heber C. 93/all 94/8*     92/all 93/all 101/7   103/1 1847/1848 Brigham Young Pioneer  P45 N  Vermont Potter, blacksmith, church leader Man of faith; counselor and friend to Brigham Young; opened up missionary work in England; proposed PEF in 1849.
Kimball, Mary Maurine Davenport 88/7       88/7         1848 Heber C. Kimball  PW N New York Housewife Wife of Heber C. Kimball's son, William H. (owner of Kimball stage stop in Parley's Park).
Kimball, Mary Smithies         101/4         1847 Smoot/Wallace  PW N England Housewife First Mormon child born in England; blessed by apostle Heber C. Kimball and later became his wife.
Kimball, Ruth Burnham         52/4         1849  Unknown (1849) W N New Hampshire Housewife She, husband and two children joined the Church, went to Nauvoo and Utah. Son didn't like Utah and went to California.
Kimball, Sarah Melissa Granger 79/1       79/1         1851  Unknown (1851) W N New York Rel. Soc. pres., teacher, suffragist Founder of Relief Society before Jos. Smith; built first Relief Society Hall; teacher; women's suffragist; remarkable woman.
Kimball, William Henry 66/5                 1848 Heber C. Kimball  P3 N New York Rancher, hotelier, mail agent First son of Heber C. Kimball; general in Nauvoo Legion; built hotel/stage stop in Parley's Park in 1862 ; named son, Ranch.
King, Charles         52/6 69/1       ?? ?? NM?   ?? Carpenter? Essentially no conclusive evidence on his real identity.
King, Thomas 103/1,2                 ?? Unidentified     England Basket weaver Only member of his family to join the Church or come to America. Married at age 40 (wife, age 20), had 14 children.
Kinney, John Fitch 83/3                 1854  Unknown (1854) NM   New York Judge, congressional delegate Non-Mormon (friendly & sympathetic); Utah Supreme Court justice (1854-7, 1860-3; Utah congressional delegate (1863-5).
Lambert, Charles 49/8       49/8         1849 Allen Taylor  P2 N England Stone cutter, builder Stone cutter, Nauvoo & SL temples, bridges, canals, grave stones; strong, generous; stories of faith & courage; 7th Ward.
Lambert, George Cannon         41/2         1849 Allen Taylor  P2   Nebraska Editor, manager, businessman Nephew of Geo. Q. Cannon, worked for Cannon publishing, Deseret News, Millenial Star; owner of paper mill, missionary.
Lambron, Alfred 86/4                 ?? unidentified NM?   ?? ?? No information in any source.
Lambson, Arba Loenzo 65/1*                 1861 Arba L. Lambson      New York Farmer? Not much information. He led a group of 22 family members to Utah in 1851. Property ownership in SLC is in doubt.
Lambson, M. T.         85/6         ?? ?? NM?   ?? ?? No information in any source.
Latey, Elanor Jane Thompson         51/6         1852 John B. Walker  W N Illinois Housewife Born in Nauvoo, lived in St. Louis, emigrated in 1852. Husband a druggist/pharmacist.
Latimer, Thomas 58/5       58/5         1852  Unknown (1852)     England Potter, sash & door maker, mill owner Potter in England with Eardley brothers; began lumber & planing mill with George Taylor & William Folsom.
Lawrence, Edward 52/8                 ?? ?? NM   Canada Farmer? Father of Henry William Lawrence. No other information.
Lawrence, Henry William         72/4         1850 Edward Hunter  P2/EM   Canada Merchant, freighter Kimball & Lawrence Mercantile & freighting; wealthy; bishop's counselor; excommunicated (Godbeite sympathies), etc.
Lawrence, Jannette Sophia Kimball         52/8         1849  Unknown (1849) PW N Illinois Housewife Came to Utah from Nauvoo with her grandmother; rest of family left the Church. Wife of businessman H.W. Lawrence.
Lawrence, Joab         60/6         ?? ?? NM   ?? Mining, livestock, dairy Non-Mormon businessman in mining, dairy, & livestock. Founding member and president of the Alta Club.
Lawrence, Nelson         86/5         1849 Ezra T. Benson      Canada Agent, clerk, merchant Brother to Henry W. Lawrence; unmarried.
Lawson, James 97/8       97/8         1847 Spencer/Sessions  P2 N Scotland Blacksmith, machinist, builder Created the ceremonial spike & hammer for U.C.R.R. and 500 pound drop forge for Mormon gold coins, patriarch.
Leaver, Samuel 53/4                 1847 Spencer/Sessions    N Scotland Don't know Froze to death a year after arriving in Utah at age 49.
LeBaron, David Tulley         65/8         1854  Unknown (1854)   N New York Farmer, trapper, fisheran Conducted tours of Nauvoo temple in 1848 with brother-in-law, Geo. W. Johnson; helped settle Santaquin.
Lees, Samuel James         49/2         1856/7 ??     England ?? President of the Isle of Man Conference; high councilor in the St. Louis Stake, 1854.
Lees, Stephen         73/1         1853 Cyrus H. Wheelock      England Boarding house worker Not much information. He and his wife had ordinance work done in the Endowment House.
Lemon, James 44/2                 ?? ??     Canada Farmer? Not much information.
Lenzi, Martin         67/7         1857 Hofheins/McCune  P2   Switzerland Salesman, painter Swiss missionary; Salt Lake Theater actor; father-in-law to J.D.T. McAllister.
Leonard, Bradford 84/7 96/6 104/7             1849 Ezra T. Benson  P2   Massachusetts Farmer? Little information. Owned property on 3 diagonal blocks in northwest section of town.
Leonard, Lyman 39/4*       51/8         1847 Grant/Snow    N Massachusetts Hatter 1832 convert; nearly beaten to death in Jackson County, Feb 1834; endowed at Kirtland; collected funds for Nauvoo temple.
Lewis, Neriah 65/8*                 1851 James W. Cummings  P2 N South Carolina Farmer? Brother to Benjamin F. & Tarlton Lewis, killed and wounded at Haun's Mill; Tarlton a pioneer of 1847; settled in Cache Co.
Liez, Thomas         61/5         1862 Horton D. Haight  DM?   England ?? Active early in England; left Utah for New Zealand, probably around 1875; no children baptized (disaffected?).
Little, Feramorz         55/8 58/6 71/4,6,7 72/8 74/1,2 1850 Livingston/Kinkead P3 N New York Proprietor, mayor, supt. U.C.R.R. Lumber & flour mill builder & owner; mail carrier; brother-in-law to Brig. Young; traveled to Palestine.
Little, Jesse Carter 73/8       73/2         1847/1852 Brigham Young Pioneer  P3 N Maine Carriage, wagon, sleigh maker Mission president; persuaded Pres. Polk to authorize Mormon Battalion; '47 pioneer & explorer; sexton; fire chief; hotelier.
Little, James Tyler         79/3         1850 Livingston/Kinkead P2 N Missouri Bank president, capitalist Son of Feramorz; involved in three different railroad companies; president of Deseret National Bank.
Littlefield, Lyman Omer         65/1         1859 Haight/Kesler Freight   N New York Type setter, publisher Took part in Zion's Camp of 1834; set type for Times & Seasons and Deseret News; wife left him.
Livingston, Archibald         73/5         1855 Richard Ballantyne      Scotland Laborer, quarryman Orphaned at age 3, married at age 19, dead at age 30.
Lollin, John         49/1 51/2,3       ?? ?? NM   Denmark Saloon keeper Married a Mormon girl; ran a saloon; invested in real estate. His 1894 building on Main Street still stands.
Long, Eleanor Oates         72/5         1854  Unknown (1854) PW   England Widow Widow 36 years; husband a pharmicist, Church recorder, polygamist (4 other wives); he was found dead in a ditch, age 43.
Longstroth, Ann         69/6 76/2       1848 Willard Richards  W N England Widow Wife of Steven Longstroth. Early convert to Church in England; in-law and grandparent to apostles and prophets.
Longstroth, Steven 68/6 76/2               1848 Willard Richards    N England Joiner, cabinet maker Early convert to Church in England; in-law and grandparent to apostles and prophets.
Loveland, Chester 53/6                 1850 Warren Foote  P5 N Ohio Farmer, mayor Wagon captain twice; settler in Bountiful, Carson City, Nevada, Call's Fort, Brigham City where he was mayor.
Luce, Wilford Woodruff         43/6         1848 Willard Richards    N Maine Pony Express rider, farmer Pony Express rider; participated in beating and robbing Utah Territorial Governor, John Dawson, 31 Dec 1861.
Lyman, Amasa Mason 78/7&8                 1847/1848 Brigham Young Pioneer    N New Hampshire Apostle, missionary, setteler Apostle, tough childhood; served multiple missions; excommunicated (false doctrine); all blessings restored after death.
Lynely, L. R.         53/3         ?? ?? NM?   ?? ?? This person does not show up in any database. Only a tiny piece of Block 53, Section 3 has this name on it. 
Lyon, Albert Charles         101/2         1859 Redfield/Smith Freight UC   Vermont Stock raiser  Came to Utah with a freight company; joined the Church & married a member of that company; raised stock near Rexburg.
Mackintosh, Elizabeth Ingles Hogg         73/1         1852 Henry W. Miller  PW N Scotland Widow Joined the Church at age 16. Husband clerked in St. Louis and SLC; he took a polygamous wife in 1856. Widowed at age 36.
Maiben, Henry 59/4                 1853 Jacob Gates  P2   England Actor, painter, pharmacist Master of Arts certificate from Oxford; acted and painted scenery, Social Hall & SL Theater; pharmacist ZCMI & Provo.
Major, William Warner 73/6                 1848 Brigham Young    N England Painter Painted scenes of Carthage & assasination of Joseph Smith, portraits and landscapes in Utah; died in England on mission.
Margetts, Henry 95/2,3                 1850 James Pace      England Blacksmith, musician, actor One of 3 blacksmith brothers; Nauvoo Brass Band (Utah); involved in theator
Margetts, Philip 85/6       85/6         1850 James Pace      England Blacksmith, musician, actor One of 3 blacksmith brothers; Nauvoo Brass Band (Utah);  comedian & character actor; stimulated creation of SL Theater.
Margetts, Richard Bishop         69/1         1851 John Brown      England Blacksmith, tanner, brewer Accomplished blacksmith, tanner, brewer; failed miner. Married Indian woman at Ft. Lemhi, Idaho.
Marks, John Rowe         42/5         1865  Unknown (1865)     England Farmer? Came a year previous to his wife and four children. Only information available.
Marston, Thomas 44/3                 ?? ??     England ?? Confusing data. Apparently sailed to America in 1850, came to Utah; some went to Kaysville, others to California.
Martin Ezra Francis         69/7         1862 Henry W. Miller  P2   England Bootmaker, policeman Joined the Church in New York after immigrating in 1856. Took 6 years to be able to come to Utah.
Martin, Edward 95/2,3                 1848 Heber C. Kimball  P4 N England Painter, photographer Handcart captain; Mormon Battalion veteran; missionary; brother-in-law to William Clayton.
Martin, Joseph 51/1                 ?? ?? NM??   ?? ?? No information could be found in the various databases available.
Match Factory                     Factory       Match factory on Arsenal Hill (owned by Hugh Findlay nd operated out of his residence).
Mather, John 0.         49/4         1855 Secrist/Guymon      England Carpenter Some confusion on whether this is the right John Mather. If so, no posterity to report on his life.
Mayer, John 56/1                 1850 Warren Foote  P2   England Farmer? Early convert to the Church in England; wife and 2 children died early; married a widow with 10 children.
McAllister, John, Daniel Thompson         52/8         1851 James W. Cummings  P9   Delaware Blacksmith, carpenter, businessman Missionary, did ordinance work for founding fathers; pres. of St. George Stake and Manti temple.
McBride, Samuel 65/4*                 1847 Hunter/Foutz  P2   New York Farmer Not much information, small family. Joined the Church in 1833, came to Utah in 1847.
McBride, William 96/7                 1848 Willard Richards  P2 N Ohio Blacksmith, carpenter  Bought ad in the first issue of the Deseret News; mission to Hawaii; one of first bishops of Santaquin, patriarch.
McCurdy, Solomon P.         72/4         1864  Unknown (1864) NM   Missouri Attorney Associate justice, Utah Territorial Supreme Court; involved in Brassfield murder case; beaten up by a soldier.
McDonald, John Kilpatrick 73/1       73/1         1850 Warren Foote  P2 N Ireland Wagon maker Father of John T. McDonald. Died from a fall off a haystack.
McDonald, John Taffee         58/1         1850 Warren Foote    N Ireland Grocer & dry goods Son of John K. McDonald; began candy making and founded what later became the J.G. McDonald Chocolate Company.
McIntosh, Daniel 73/1                 1852 Henry W. Miller  P2 N Scotland Book keeper, clerk With the exodus of Nauvoo in 1846, he went to St. Louis to earn money to get to Utah. Died at age 40.
McIntyre, Samuel         94/7,8         1853 Moses Daley Freight     Texas Stock trader, mining, real estate Son of slave owner. One of the early millionairs in Utah. Stock trading, mining, real estate. Remained active.
McIntyre, William P. 84/6                 ?? ?? NM?   ?? ?? There are other William McIntyres, but not a William P. in any of the databases. 
McLachlan, William         41/1         1863 John W. Woolley  P3   Scotland Carpenter Buried 2 sons on way to Utah; mission to New Zealand; farm "over" Jordan; first president of Pioneer Stake.
McLaughlin, Lenas         74/4         ?? ?? NM?   ?? Draughtsman Only reference is located in the 1874 SLC directory.
McLean, Marion Elizabeth Lindsay         79/6         1864 William S. Warren  PW   Scotland Housewife Came to Utah as single mother with 6 children; became polygamous wife to a slave owner.
McLelland, Ellen Blackhurst         41/6         1847 Hunter/Horne  PW N England Housewife Polygamous wife of Thomas McLelland, bishop of Seventh Ward; had her own house and property.
McLelland, Thomas Murphy 51/2       51/2         1848 Brigham Young  P2   Ireland Farmer, bishop Bishop, 7th Ward; served in Utah War and helped with handcart rescue (Capt. Willie was the bishop of the 7th Ward).
McMullin, Willard Grover 47/7*                 1848 Brigham Young  P3 N Maine Farmer? First wife died in Nauvoo; second wife, a sister, was an invalid. Brigham Young helped them get to Utah.
Mellen, John 80/6                 1848 Brigham Young    N England Stone mason Joined the Church in England in 1841
Merkley, Christopher 96/4,5 70/5     96/4         1849 Allen Taylor  P3 N Canada Farmer, photographer, miller Served 8 missions; adopted Indian boy; learned ambrotype photography; mill owner, St. Charles, ID; Indian War veteran.
Merrill, Albert         104/4         1852 Thomas C.D. Howell  P2 N New York Hatter Baptized Burr Frost; bro-in-law to Orson Pratt; unique story about life in Iowa and Provo; Utah War; missionary; patriarch.
Merrill, Samuel 104/4                 1847 Hunter/Foutz  P2   Connecticut Farmer? Veteran of 1812 War; large family converted by J.H. Johnson; 8 family members (2 daughters) joined the Mormon Battalion.
Middlemass, Edward         44/6 95/7       1855 Seth Blair/Ed. Stevenson      England Shoemaker, farmer Born in England, married in Nova Scotia; part of Cholera company of 1855 (wife and 3 children died).
Miles, Ira Simonds 70/5*                 1847 Charles C. Rich    N Vermont Farmer? Defender of Saints, Missouri & Illinois; mission to Michigan; Las Vegas lead mission; older brother to Orson Pratt Miles.
Miles, Orson Pratt         52/7         1849 Ezra T. Benson  P2   New York Clerk, salesman Younger brother of Ira S. Miles; company commander in Black Hawk War in 1867; Muddy Mission later in 1867.
Miner, Aurelius         68/3         1854  Unknown (1854) P2/UC   Connecticut Attorney, Chief justice supreme court Married 1st cousin, dau. of Orson Hyde; two missions to England; Utah Supreme Court; disbarred over polygamy.
Mitchell, Benjamine Thomas 66/6&7                 1848 Heber C. Kimball  P6 N Pennsylvania Stonecutter 7 wives, almost 50 children; cut stone for Nauvoo, SL temples; Council House, bank, railroad; bishop; missionary, bishop.
Mitchell, Frederick Augustus H. F.          55/6         1854 James Brown      England Merchant, farmer, civil engineer Mission president, Hawaii; helped survey the town of Iosepa (Joseph) in Skull Valley; counselor to Bishop Woolley.
Moody, John Monroe 80/2                 1854 Washington L. Jolley  P4   Alabama Musician, farmer Southern convert & missionary; baptized his future wife; settler in Pine Valley, St. George; bishop in Thatcher, AZ.
Moody, William Crestfield 65/5                 1853 Moses Daley Freight P3   Alabama Brick layer, farmer Southern convert & missionary; among first 8 to receive endowment in EH, 1855; settler in So. Utah & eastern Nevada.
Morgan, Helen Melvina Groesbeck         77/2         1856 John Banks  PW   Illinois Housewife Daughter of Nicholas Groesbeck; wife of John H. Morgan (business college owner & mission president).
Morgan, Joseph Rehoboam         62/7         1862? William H. Dame      England Farmer?, singer Sang in the Tabernacle Choir; bishop of the 15th Ward at turn of the Century.
Morley, Isaac 74/5                 1848 Brigham Young  P3 N Massachusetts Cooper, farmer 1830 convert; provided home for Joseph & Emma; pioneered Jackson County, Far West & Manti; offered life; patriarch.
Morris Brothers         53/4 55/6,7       N/A N/A N/A   Wales N/A Construction property owned by Elias and Richard V. Morris
Morris, Elias         62/8         1852 Philip De La Mare  P2   Wales Mason, contractor, brick maker Baptized most of his family; sugar industry; iron mission; master builder of homes, stores, mills, cemetery markers.
Morris, George 104/5       104/5         1848 Brigham Young  P3 N England Mason, farmer He had a rough childhood, baptized his brother & sister; worked on Nauvoo temple; detailed autobiography until 1850.
Morris, Richard Vaughn         53/4         1854 Darwin Richardson  P3   Wales Laborer Baptized by and worked for his brother, Elias Morris.
Mortimer, Andrew M.         57/4         ?? Unidentified NM   ?? Merchant, inventor Applied for and received in 1876 a U.S. Patent for an adjustable wrench (picture included).
Mulliner, Samuel 39/2 68/1               1850 Warren Foote  P4 N Scotland Tanner, shoemaker, miller Performed the first baptism in Scotland; first tanner in Utah; milled flour & sugar; believed in United Order.
Mumford, Edward Thompson 58/2       58/2,8 61/2       1849 Ezra T. Benson    N New York Carpenter, joiner Captain of the last Church-sponsored wagon train to cross the plains (Benton, WY to SLC in 24 days).
Murdock, Orrice Clapp 44/8*                 1848 Ebenezer Brown    N Ohio Farmer Mother died giving birth to twins when he was 6; father gave twins to Joseph & Emma Smith; Mormon Battalion.
Murdock, Robert 43/5*                 1861 John R. Murdock      Scotland Mason Wife delivered baby in Nebraska; mason work in Logan.
Murdock, Sally Stacey 40/7                 1847 Spencer/Eldredge  W N Massachusetts Sheep raiser, knitter A 59-year-old widow, she brought first sheep to the Salt Lake Valley.
Musser, Amos Milton 95/2,3                 1851 Easton Kelsey  P4 N Pennsylvania Tithing agent; Supt. Deseret Telegraph Mission, India; Thithing Office clerk; traveling bishop; involved with banks, railroads, & other businesses; u.c. test case.
Naramore, Edwin H. 79/3                 ?? ?? ??   ?? ?? No information found. Did not remain in Utah.
Naylor, George         71/1         1852  Unknown (1852) P3   England Blacksmith, wagon maker, fireman He and brothers founded the firm of Naylor Brothers and made the first wagon (the "Naylor" wagon) in Utah.
Naylor, Tho. & George (business)         71/3         N/A N/A Business   N/A Wagon makers, blacksmiths Thomas and George Naylor had a wagon & blacksmith shop a block south of the Social Hall.
Naylor, Thomas         72/1         1852  Unknown (1852)     England Blacksmith, wagon maker He and brothers founded the firm of Naylor Brothers and made the first wagon (the "Naylor" wagon) in Utah.
Naylor, William         72/1         1852  Unknown (1852)     England Blacksmith, gunsmith, wagon maker Made wagons & pistols; counselor to Bishop Woolley; "Old Folks" committee 20 years; juryman for Reynolds polygamy case.
Neal, George 95/5       95/5         1852 Henry W. Miller      New York Nurseryman, stock raiser Imported nursery stock; missionary; branch president; daughter, Zina Diantha married Henry Jacobs & Brigham Young.
Needham Jr., James 51/3                 1854  Unknown (1854) P3   England Clerk, manager John's younger brother; helped bring parents to America; missionary to England; involved in Utah War.
Needham, John 53/3       53/3         1851  Unknown (1851) P3 N England Merchant, manager James' older brother; fulfilled prophecy in brouging his family into gospel; much missionary work; various businesses, trials.
Neibaur, Alexander 55/4       55/4         1848 Brigham Young    N Prussia Dentist, match maker First Mormon Jewish convert,; fluent in 7 languages; first dentist, Nauvoo & SLC; mason; taught J. Smith German & Hebrew.
Nelson, H. P.         104/1         ?? ?? NM?   ?? ?? No information available in any database. House located high on Arsenal (Capitol) Hill.
Neslen, Samuel 57/3                 1853 Claudius V. Spencer      England Carpenter All 9 children were born prior to family joining the Church; all came to Utah.
Nichols, Henry William         79/2         1861 Joseph Horne      England Farmer? He and his wife joined the Church in their youth. Little information available.
Nixon, (Estate)         70/4         N/A N/A Business   N/A Business property Property owned by William Nixon. See his biography.
Nixon, William 57/4 68/4               1851/2 Unidentified     England Merchant Called the "Father of Utah business", tutored numerous merchants, including Walker brothers; died at age 31.
Noble, Joseph Bates 74/1                 1847 Grant/Noble  P5 N Massachusetts Miller, stock raiser Performed first plural marriage; twice, miraculosly healed; Willie Handcart member; married one of the Beamon girls.
Noe, Jacob 40/6                 1850s Unidentified NM   Ohio Farmer? Moved around, eventually to California. Brother of Abram Noe, who ran a successful molasses mill in Springville.
Noelker, C.         72/4         ?? ?? NM   ?? ?? The small property in question has no structure or improvements on it; the bigger property owned by Godbe.
Noride, Albert         52/7         ?? ?? NM   ?? ?? Name does not show up on any possible database. Sub-divided property has a home on it.
Norman, Henry 80/5       80/5         by 1853 ??     England Gardner Perhaps only he and son, Samuel, made it to Utah.
Norton, James Wiley 66/4*                 1848 Heber C. Kimball  P2 N Ohio Farmer? He and his brother, John Wesley, married sisters, whose father, Austin Hammer, was killed at Haun's Mill, Missouri.
Nutt, James         44/7         1859/60 ??     England Plasterer Almost no information.
Oakley, Ezra 50/6       50/6         1847 Hunter/Horne    N New York Gardener, farmer War veteran, 1812; son in Mormon Battalion; daughter married John Taylor; son, nurseryman in So. Utah & Arizona.
Oakley, John DeGroot 85/6                 1847 Battalion Sick Det. P2/BSD N New York Nurseryman Son of Ezra; Battalion; nurseryman (good details); missionary; handcarter; became blind; wife invalided 11 years (accident).
Ogden, Sarah 61/5