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1) The Mormon Trails Association published the Guide to the Mormon Pioneer Trail as part of the sesquicentennial commemoration in 1997. The Guide provides brief historical narratives and directions for the public to visit 76 of the most important sites between Nauvoo and Salt Lake City. It is a comprehensive supplement to the National Park Service's fold-out colored map of the Mormon Pioneer Trail and was designed to fit nicely in saddle bags, covered wagons, or glove boxes of modern vehicles. The Guide has proven attractive to the public and many positive comments have been received from those who have used it to visit sites along the trail.

MTA 1997 Official Guide - Mormon Pioneer Trail

2) The Mormon Trail from Fort to Salt Lake City (self-guided driving tour)

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This map was first printed in 1997 as part of the pioneer sesquicentennial celebrations and reprinted in 2001 with contributions of those listed in the center section. The brochure opens up to a map of the highways and Mormon Trail from Fort Bridger to the Salt Lake City. Fourteen significant locations are identified and enhanced with directions, pictures, historical comments and quotes. It is designed for those who know little of the trail as well as the more advance historian. Of particular interest may be the hiking section from Mormon Flat to the top of Big Mountain. For those taking the hike, notice the rust marks left on the rocks by the metal tires of the wagons. Notice, also, the ruts and swales. For most of the hike, the trail will be either in a swale, on one of the wagon tracks (the other will appear as part of the eroded stream bed, but is often the other rut, which has been eroded), or parallel to the trail.Copies are available at various historic or tourist sites around the valley (Utah Travel Council, Utah State Historical Society at the Rio Grande Building) or by emailing Ron Andersen.




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