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The whole tour was created in 2013 to help docents at the LDS Museum of Church History and Art understand and interpret a large 3-D (100 square foot) model of downtown SLC in 1872 covering 64 square blocks. The tour begins at the the Museum, located at 45 N West Temple, and covers only the blocks surrounding Temple Square and Church office building. The total distance is between 2.5-3 miles (the length of each block is 220 yards or 1/4 of a mile or 201.168 meters). The tour can be shortened by visiting only portions of the tour. If the cityscape has changed since 2013, it is not my fault.

The 52-page text and pictures took up too much space to be displayed as a single document on the Web, so was split into two parts. They can be printed or saved and combined for a complete document. (Note: The overall map for the whole tour is positioned as the two pages at the top of the top half without page numbers.)

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